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World Serpent

Ostara * Never Weep/Overworld (picture 7″ 2001 world serpent)

Waiting for future releases we are kept silent with a wonderfull 7″. Two modest and very poppy neo-folk songs going a bit further than on the “Secret Homeland” cd. Eh, what more is there to say?
Aha, now I get the story. This 7″ was supposed to be rereleased as a mcd with two extra tracks by World Serpent, but since Ostara left World Serpent this will be a 10″ on Eis & Licht.

Dawn & Dusk Entwined * Forever War (cd 2000 world serpent)

“Forever War” is the second cd of this French act and I have never heard “A Leftover Of Gaia”. Inspite of the warlike booklet, the music is very tranquil and serene. Mostly atmospheric music, sometimes with a spoken voice and as the cd continues there is also some dark ambient and industrial and one track reminding of the contribution to the “Lucifer Rising” (99 athanor). Quite alright, but not groundbreaking. <15/7/01><3>