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Der Blutharsch/Deutsch Nepal * Apocalyptic Climax (10″ 1999 wkn)

Der Blutharsch is rapidly becoming very popular. The male half of The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud does make a nice piece of industrial. This 10″ is mostly influenced by the Deutsch Nepal sounds though and will not be a good introduction to Der Blutharsch. If you’re looking for orchestral and militant industrial you better look for the Der Blutharsch cd.
This 10″ will be hard to get for the fans of either or both bands, because it’s limited to 404 copies. Order your one quickly WKN
I don’t know the price, but WKN products are really expensive…

Tribe Of Circle * Altered States (7″ 2001 wkn/tesco)

Yesterday Tribe Of Circle gave his very first live performance on an evening together with Death In June (surprise act), Les Joyaux de la Princesse and Der Blutharsch. However not too visually appealing it was a good performance. Also this new 7″ is good. Two wonderfull industrial tracks, one a bit more tranquil, the other somewhat heavier.

Der Blutharsch * the 1/12/01 brussels 7″ (7″ 2001 wkn)

Yesterday Der Blutharsch gave a very nice show in Brussel/Belgium that did not go without any problems (…). Especially for this performance herr Julius made this nice one-sided picture 7″ with a great bombastic track. The 7″ is limited to 333 copies and it was said that there were only 300 tickets for last night, so you can imagine the rush at the merchandise table. Taking that not everybody bought a copy (there was a one 7″ per ticket policy), I suppose there will be a few more out there, on E-bay probably (also see the 28/11/01 Eislicht egroup message about that). The text of the song and on the cover is “good luck to you, good luck to you, but luck is not for the brave, what would the world give back to you, always less than you gave!”, so i think there will be another description than “the 1/12/01 brussels 7″ for this 7”.
No sign of “When All Else Fails” yet by the way.