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Vestigial ‎* Solar / Aeon (cd 2013)

In 2007 I received the debut 3″ mcd to review. It made me have to reconsider my ideas about dark ambient. A magnificent and extraordinary dark piece of ambient was presented by Vestigial. After a great debut cd on CMI (2008) I somehow missed the “Solar” mcdr (2009), but now both minis are made available on one disc by Cyclic Law. Dark ambient like even in the best days of CMI it was not made. Great material!
Links: Vestigial, Cyclic Law

Vestigial * Translucent Communion (cd 2008 cmi)

Translucent CommunionAbout a year and a half ago I got the debut mcd of this Italian project. Impressive and very dark ambient. Later I got two compilations featuring this project (Incendium II and The Old Europa Café box) with also very interesting tracks. Apparently I missed a 12″ on Power and Steel. It is not surprising that CMI picked up this project, even though (like I wrote in my previous review), Vestigial is darker than most of the CMI dark ambient projects. Vestigial is heavier, more industrial and has a nice noisy touch here and there; heavier with many very low frequencies, the way I like it! The music is quite ‘soundscapish’, but nowhere too monotous. Actually, this is a dark ambient album the way dark ambient should sound. The package is also very well done. A highly recommended album!
Links: Vestigial, Cold Meat Industry

Vestigial * Aeon (mcdr 2007 new sun productions)

A while ago I got an email from Italy from this new project. I listened to the Myspace tracks and found them very interesting. The 3″ mcdr is even more interesting! The package is great: photo-like prints on a 3″-cd-size package and a tastefull design. The music is very dark ambient like I haven’t heard it for a while. Sometimes Vestigial reminds me of Megaptera, sometimes more of (other) CMI acts, but Vestigial has a sound of its own, usually darker than most CMI releases, original sounds and structures and a great atmosphere. This mcd was remixed in the Secret Lab, so Vestigial got a deserved flying start with distribution by LOKI and Tesco, a link with Turbund Sturmwerk and Firsst Law. Promising!
27/3/07 -4-