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Turbund Sturmwerk

Turbund Sturmwerk / Inade * Peryt Shou (12” box 2002 loki)

I was excited to hear that there was new material of Turbund. A box, second in the “Germania Occulta” series of Loki, that was started with the “Saturn Gnosis” compilation. This time dedicated to the esoteric writer Christian Georg Schultz (living around the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century) who took the name Peryt Shou. According to the booklet “Peryt” refers to “ray” of light (snake) and “Shou” to the god of air. “Peryt” is the sowing time in the Egyptian mythology and “Shou” the first generation of gods, but also the feather of thruth. Anyway, the gatefold sleeve has an article of Peryt Shou and in the box there is a book in 10” format with more info about the project.
To the music then. The Turbund side isn’t very impressive, too monotous ambient. The Inade side is already a bit better, some darker industrial/ambient. A bit like the Saturn Gnosis box, visually and informationally impressive, but musically not too much.

Turbund Sturmwerk * Sturmgeweiht (cd 2002 rabauken rec.)

I have known Turbund for a quite long time, that is to say, I got the debut-lp as soon as it came out, since I was in quite good contact with Loki in that time. That must have been somewhere late 1995/early 1996. The recordings on this cd are from 1992 though! I suppose I was still a metalhead in that time!! If I understand the booklet correctly, these are live-recordings of a concert that already then was plagued by antifa, but somehow did continue.
Anyway, I guess these are some of the earlier recordings of Turbund, so you may expect something more primitive than their more recent recordings. This is undoubtely true. What is also true is that Turbund shows that ever since the beginning they have had a strange and unique sound. The recordings on this cd are so strange, that they often become irritating, but here and there lean towards brilliance. It is more noisy than on the the full-lengths and there are more samples. A very nice document of old times, but a large part of the 45 minutes as by far not as brilliant as the lp and the “Weltenbrand” cd. BUT, the last track did make it to the lp and there is an early version (?) of “Orkan Im Haar” ( from the 7″). Strange that the picture of the original cover isn’t in the booklet (see Turbund webpage).

Turbund Sturmwerk * Weltenbrand (cd 1999 loki)

In 1996 this strange German industrial act debuted with an lp on L.O.K.I.-Foundation. I believe it was the first full-length on that label back then. Soon Turbund reached some kind of a cult-status in the alternative industrial scene. They were compared to the (then still upcoming) American Blood Axis, even though the music isn’t really similar.
Anyhow, in 1997 there was a no-so-interesting 7″ and last year the debut was re-released on cd. Now there’s Weltenbrand. It’s still an odd form of industrial. It’s very melodic, sometimes orchestral, but also rather harsch at times. Sometimes there’s singing, but at other times Turbund can be pretty militant as well. Always there’s this mystical atmosphere around the music which is unlike anything else that I know.
Also again there’s a lot of (German) text in the booklet, which is the carrying of the philosophical part of this project.
I like this quite a lot and anyone into tranquil industrials might too.
This review was written when the lp came out, way before there was