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Hadewych * s/t (cd 2009)

HadewychWell well, the Dutch scene seems to be ever becoming more active and interesting. Without regards for scenes and tags people go from one style to another which makes it rather difficult to keep up with. So I also missed Hadewych’s very limited demos and the first version of this self-titled album. Two years after the initial release, there is a luxery rerelease on Tuchtunie (165 copies) soon to be followed by a ‘regular’ release limited to 300 copies. Hadewych makes very experimental dark music. Dark soundscapes made with electronics, guitars and voice combined with ‘IDM’-beats at times and samples. The first part of this 50 minutes album is a bit ‘drone rockish’, lateron the sound becomes more ‘soundscapish’. The result is something quite different and highly interesting and another promising project coming from my own country.
Links: Hadewych, Tuchtunie

v/a * Tuchtunie compilation (cd 2005 tuchtunie)

Protocol Novikov / Laufeyiar Sonr / Foundation Hope

Tuchtunie is a young Dutch label and there are four bands affiliated with it. Three of them can be found on this compilation cd. Three bands who have three tracks each which make this a cd of about 54 minutes. Experimental electronic music, this is something I often have a hard time with. It is often too monotous or too experimental or just not my taste. I am glad to find out that these three bands are actually pretty interesting. The compilation starts with some dark industrial by Protocol Novikov. Their first track is slighty ambient, then follows a track with a fast beat and then a very industrial track. The last one is funny, it is harsch industrial in structure, but fairly soft in sound. Then follows the more ‘technoish’ approach of Laufeyiar Sonr (meaning ‘son of Laufey’, who is of course Loki). The last band is Foundation Hope. They have a more soundscape / ambient style. These tracks are nice, but a little monotous.
Like I said, these projects are pretty experimental and interesting. So, some downloads can introduce you some of their music and of course you should contact the label to get a copy of this nice cd.