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V.O.S. * Veil Of Secrecy (cd 2000 triumvirate)

Very nice artwork with this cd! This is another dark ambient soundscapes cd, but better than Haith Yonaites. Still it is quite monotous, but I like the atmosphere better. It is a short cd for a Triumvirate release: just under 43 minutes, divided over four tracks. Long stretched echoed sounds, just to give you an idea.

The Sword Volcano Complex * Phosphorescent (cd 2002 triumvirate)

The latest release in a series of Triumvirate releases is of a band that I had one track off. The package is definately the nicest so far and the first with a barcode. The cd has no less than 16 tracks which are all strange compilations of melodies, samples and noises. The result is a cd with nice ambient-like tracks which are relatively melodious sometimes, but other tracks are too experimental, unstructured and less interesting. Most material is good enough to justify the purchase and since the cd is 65 minutes anyway…!

(radial) * Nexus (cd 2001 triumvirate)

So I asked for action? Well, here we have (radial). Heavy teknoid industrial comparable to Winterkälte, but more technoish and at times harder (!). Also here not all tracks are brilliant, but there is enough amusing material on this 63 minute cd to recommand this disc to anyone interested in dancefloor industrial. <12/1/04><3>

Nothing * The Spine Overshadowed By The Rope (cd 2001? triumvirate)

Why does this name sound so familiar? Did I once have a tape or something released on a Minneapolis- based label? I don’t remember! Anyway, this time you get two 35 minutes tracks. The first is a dark industrial piece of ambient, which is quite enjoyable. The second is an extreme noise live track which is also quite enjoyable. Especially the techno-influences around the end are funny and something which we will see more of lateron.

Law * Our Life Through Your Death (cd 2000 triumvirate)

This is the label-masters Mitchell Altum’s own musical outlet. When Mitch sent me an email and told me about his label I expected this to be the sound of the -or at least most- Triumvirate releases: experimental, but not very extreme noise (or ‘noisescapes’), like releases on Tesco such as Cruelty Campaign or COTA. Law can surely be compared to these two, in a way of course, because the nice thing about such projects is that they still have their own sound. Therefor is it also hard to describe a release like this, but try to imagine a noisy background, worked-on samples and industrial sounds or of dark ambient but then ‘made with noise’ or noise for your living room and you may get an idea. I like this kind of stuff at least, as long as there is not too much of it. I hope I am right that the material is from 1996, but the release of 2000.

Law * Vindication And Contempt (cd 1997 triumvirate)

Hm, the artwork could catch the eye of the neofolk and/or martial industrial lover, but I don’t know if the music would too. Well maybe… do I hear acoustic guitars between the noisy background and samples of track two?. This cd is a bit more monotous than the other (earlier recorded but later releases?) “Our Life…” cd and also a bit less interesting. “Vindication…” sure also has its moments, but also moments that I would skip if my cd-player had a remote. But don’t worry, enough interesting tracks on this 62 minute cd!

Geomatic * Control Agents (cd 2000 triumvirate)

Geomatic proves to be from my own country and not from the USA like most Triumvirate bands. “Control Agents” is another one which is both visually and audio-wise less interesting. Still the music is alright at times; atmospheric ambient with some darker tones here and there and nice (triballic) rituals. Other tracks are very monotous ambient or soundscapes though.

Dissecting Table * Memories (cd 2000 triumvirate)

HELL YES!! Extreme-teknoid-metal-power-electronics from Japan!! I knew this band made a lot of noise, but I had only one darkambient tracks of theirs. “Memories” is the most extreme electronic rage that has come to my collection for a while. From chaotic noise eruptions to ‘noise death metal’ and teknoid (cuts and clicks?) insanity and all with very distorted vocals. Very nice, and on older cd is reviewed below. <12/1/04><3>