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Tribe of Circle

Tribe Of Circle * Children Of A Weakened God (cd 2006 hau ruck!)

Tribe Of Circle was there before the military sound reached the goth masses. The previous cds are from 2000 and 2001, so I wondered what the band thought to add to the scene five years later. ToC remained ToC with repetative slow industrial with a lot of samples, but obviously listened to the developing scene and added some of the bombast, drums, orchestrations and vocals to their sound. The result is a convicing album with good to great tracks and a very ‘modern sound’. I wonder if this album will resist the course of time. I also like the first two albums, but I hardly ever play them nowadays. <4/12/06><3>

Tribe of Circle * Rien Ne Disparait Jamais Vraiment… (cd 2000 athanor)

The first full length of this French band comes on a French label. Earlier the band could be heard on Albin Julius’ Hau Ruck label with a 7″ that I don’t have. Musically the band fits in the dark ambient/industrial corner. The band is recommanded to those who like bands like Der Blutharsch, Blood Axis, Turbund Sturmwerk, etc., but actually I think lovers of CMI sounds should (also) have a listen to this cd. For the largest part “Rien…” consists of dark ambient, but the difference with the usual CMI sound is that there is quite a lot of rhythm. There are also marchdrums and some bombastic tunes which probably make the comparison with the earlier mentioned bands.
The length is a little minimal (43 min), but the digipack looks great and musically this is a very promising debut. <31/10/00><4>

Tribe Of Circle * Altered States (7″ 2001 wkn/tesco)

Yesterday Tribe Of Circle gave his very first live performance on an evening together with Death In June (surprise act), Les Joyaux de la Princesse and Der Blutharsch. However not too visually appealing it was a good performance. Also this new 7″ is good. Two wonderfull industrial tracks, one a bit more tranquil, the other somewhat heavier.