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Triarii * Exile (mcd 2011)

This 7-track mcd was presented during the Rauhnacht Festival in Leipzig at 31 December 2011. As all of Triarii’s releases, it is made available by Eternal Soul. The music has no surprises. Triarii sticks to its pompous martial industrial sound loaded with orchestral samples, speeches and “I am…” lyrics with the well-known effect. Regarding musical quality I must say that after a few rounds in my player, it is comparable to that of the previous releases, but then again, listening to them more, I tend to always find the last album Triarii’s best, so perhaps “Exile” will be the best Triarii album again within a couple of weeks.
Links: Triarii, Eternal Soul

TriORE * Three Hours (cd 2009)

Three HoursAs ORE keeps releasing new albums, my interest deminishes, the last Triarii album is a great album though and the “Roses For Rome” song that these two did together is very nice too. So what would an entire album of a combination of these two projects sound like? Besides the first and last track, it seems that ORE had a lot more influence on the sound as Triarii. The songs are tranquil, ORE-like and only on the background are some martial industrial or orchestral sounds. It is funny to hear the similarities of the sounds of both projects and “Three Hours” sounds better than ORE alone, but I would have like a bit more Triarii sound in here. I must say that like with Triarii the simple melodies start to work better after a few rounds in the player, so maybe this album will grow on me a bit more.
Links: Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Triarii, Cold Meat Industry, Eternal Soul Records

Triarii * Muse In Arms (cd 2008 eternal soul)

Muse In ArmsMy reviews of the previous two Triarii albums are very critical and it would be easy to be the same about this new one. “Muse In Arms” sounds like it has been recorded during the same sessions as “Pièce Héroique” (2006), it sounds almost completely the same. I have never given Triarii points for originality, he tends to either sound like other projects or like himself, but you know what?, from the vast stream of bombastic industrial and martial music, it is only Triarii that I still put in the player every now and then. The previous albums are more consistent in sound and level of quality than for example Sophia or Karjalan Sissit and the style has better survived the years than Wappenbund or A Challenge of Honour. “Muse In Arms” is again built of sampled classical music and opera, layered with martial drumming, making a bombastic piece of orchestal and martial music. With vocals here and there, simple but effective melodies, Triarii manages to work on my mood. A magnificent track such as “Europa” (are the lyrics as dubious as I think to hear?) will most likely still “make me go whoo” in a couple of years. Even when the martial orchestral sound is almost dead and I rarely play it these days, “Muse In Arms” is a good album to ‘relive old times’ every now and then. A sound (and lyrics?) that will disturb some people, but who gives a damn? I don’t know if Triarii has a message and actually I don’t care, the music makes me feel glorious and victorious just like many years ago a few industrial projects managed to do. Again perhaps not the most original album, but a great one and highly suggested to people who want to get a great new piece of martial music.
Links: Triarii, Eternal Soul

Triarii * Pièce Héroique (cd 2006 eternal soul records)

On this second album Triarii not only sounds like Sophia and Karjalan Sissit, but mainly is them too, with mastering by ISN and guest vocals by Ordo. This is a bit cheap to say, I know, but also on the second album, there seems not to have been a very great aim for originality. Not that “Pièce Héroique” sounds exactly like the two mentioned projects or even like the first album, but there aren’t too big surprises on this new cd either. The music may be a bit less bombastic and militant, here and there are vocals and guitars, but if you know the first album, you will have a pretty good idea what to expect. But of course I also have to say that both the first album and also this second album are very entertaining and pleasent to listen to, so if you just want to get a good album, Triarii has proven himself again a good buy.

Triarii * Ars Militaria (cd 2005 eternal soul)

In the Netherlands we have a saying which means something like ‘better well copied than poorly self-invented’. This definately goes for this new German band. “Ars Militaria” contains music in the vein of Predella Avant, Sophia and Karjalan Sissit. This means, bombastic orchestral music with marchdrumming. The cd opens quite strongly, but it reminds too much of Predella avant. As the cd continues the tracks get less strong, but towards the end the tension comes back. So overall we have a pretty enjoyable cd, but with an unoriginal sound. Now almost all that I said before could be said about the first two Karjalan cds but they got more of an unique sound and their cds remain enjoyable for the most parts, so I am curious about the future of Triarii.