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The Protagonist

The Protagonist * Songs Of Experience (cd 2005 cold meat industry)

After many years of nothing, The Protagonist comes with a mcd (recently reviewed) and shortly after that this cd. The mcd “Interim” has a promising very bombastic sound. Well, this cd has too. The first tracks are relatively tranquil, the later tracks are more bombastic. The sound is still ‘pretty The Protagonist’ (very orchestral) and however the music is very nice, there isn’t a too big progression in sound or quality (which was already high). Maybe I had too high hopes for this album, but it may be good, it is no masterpiece.

The Protagonist * Interim (mcd 2005 cold meat industry)

I had to wait so long for this cd that when I was looking for the cover, I noticed that the new album “Songs Of Experience” is (almost) out. Since this is a mcd, I can be short about it. The Protagonist made bombastic orchestral music on the debut album “A Rebours” (1999), but the sound got much more bombastic on this mcd, more in the direction of Sophia or Karjalan Sissit. Nice! The last song is more tranquil though. Very nice, I am curious about the upcoming full-length.