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The Musick Wreckers

v/a * 10 Years Of Transmission (cd 2010)

I got this wonderfull compilation when I bought the new Geneviéve Pasquier which is released on United Manipulation Broadcasting. It opens with a great and noisy version of Pasquier’s “Existance”, they way I like her. What follows next are mostly exclusive tracks or alternative versions of The Musick Wreckers (very nice), Tonal Y Nagual (including their apparently only good track), Thorofon and Dogpop. Then the sound gets more industrial noisy with Kommando and M.A.O. After this we go to the neofolk project Jägerblut which is not my thing. To close off we get a project that is new to me: Lambitani, a true UMB project with a weird combination of industrial and folk. A very nice compilation, especially when you get it for free! I guess that if you want a copy yourself, you should just order the new Pasquier directly from UMB.
Link: United Manipulation Broadcasting

The Musick Wreckers * Mission Mass Media (picture 12″ 2008)

Mission Mass MediaWho thinks that sharing music is a bad thing? I ran into this lp on some P2P user’s list by accident. I did not even know about this release. Fortunately it is still available. After the split 7″ which spelled Thorofon’s goodbye and The Musick Wrecker’s hello, it seemed that our duo left the industrial sound for an even more experimental sound, but actually “Mission Mass Media” continues where Thorofon left of with “This Summer Suicide“. “Industrial disco” obviously rooted in old style industrial and noise with simple but catchy melodies and simple repetative rhythms and (distorted) vocals. The tracks here are more interesting (but less surprising) than the tracks on the 7″. A very nice release!
Links: The Musick Wreckers, La Nouvelle Alliance (no website found)

Thorofon / The Musick Wreckers * s/t (7″ 2005)

“This record is the end of Thorofon and the beginning of The Musick Wreckers. Anton Knilpert transforms to Dan Courtman. Sound transforms to Sound.” Thus says the back of this 7″. Thorofon delivers two rather typical and not too good industrial tracks, The Musick Wreckers come up with two weird tracks that are hard to describe. Batcave-like sung/spoken vocals, a strange sampled country-guitar and a weird poppy industrial sound. I don’t know what to call this. There are terms going around such as “antipop”, “angstpop” or “krankpop”, but I don’t know what people mean by them, so I cannot say if they would apply to The Musick Wreckers. Still I guess you can now form an idea of the music, being it only a bit.
Links: The Musick Wreckers, Front Of Gnark, UMB Kollektiv.