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The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud

The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud * Ad 18-8-1997 (bootleg)

I don’t usually buy bootlegs, especially not when they reach prices such as the L.A.A. bootleg (see review elsewhere). This one is on the Cold Spring mailorder list for the price of a normal cd and comes in two versions, a silver on brown packaging and a bronze on grey packaging. There is 36 minutes of music which is supposedly recorded at the 1997 Wave Gotik Treffen (which is always in May, so 18/8/97 must be the release date or so). The sound quality is not too great, all tracks are well-known and the length is a bit short too (it sounds like have a show). The packaging is nice though, a larger flat ‘promo’ package with a smaller one inside. The front you can see on the right, the back of the outer cover says “The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud” and “ad 18-8-1997”. The small cover has the same image as the outer, but slightly different and this time the back says “Der Tage, als die Pest zum Treffen kam” (“the day the plague came to the gathering”). Undoubtely neither Elzbeth nor Albin have approved this release and yet it is available from ‘regular channels’. It does almost complete my TMLHBAC collection though and I must say that it was good to get something new of the best band ever in my hands, even when it is something illegal…

The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud * Mass For The Dead (bootleg 2cd 2001) -> L.A.A.

When I saw this release among someones files, I was unhappily surprised. I always thought that I own everything that TMLHBAC released. I never heard of this 2cd and a short search on the internet learned that this is a bootleg. This 2cd and an “l.a.a. studio” circulate in P2P networks and I badly wanted to get copies. Alzbeth has made a lengthy statement about this bootleg. It has but little to do with TMLHBAC, but actually contains two recordings of the pre-TMLHBAC band “L.A.A.” (the “l.a.a. studio” is cd 2 of “Mass For The Dead”), which are listed as “demo” and “studio”, but according to Alzbeth it is actually a studio recording and a tape recording. The bootleg is sold for ridiculous prices, so I don’t think that the band mind much that this material is now available from the internet. They of course object against the fact that this material was (re)released without their permission, but even more so that it is sold as TMLHBAC” material. But, as a big admirer of TMLHBAC I am very happy to have ran into this material. It is definately interesting and shows me how TMLHBAC developed. “L.A.A.” was Alzbeth, Julius and Andy, who later formed Vatican Children. The second cd (which should be listened first in my opinion) contains rather punky (electro punk to punkrock) material with guitar and Elzbeth’s vocals. The last song reminds of “Wanna Be Your Dog” of The Stooges by the way. The first cd opens with a long and weird soundscape that reminds of the first TMLHBAC album. The same goes for some of the other tracks, but there are also more guitar-oriented ‘punky’ tracks here. This first cd has a good sound and a few very nice tracks in which Elzbeth sounds a lot like Sinéad O’ Conner. Here and there are glimpses of elements to be found in later material, but the concept and especially the lyrics are rather.. ehm… simple. All in all very interesting material for the TMLHBAC fan and no need to search for Ebay for the bootleg now anymore. u