Bocksholm * Excursions By The Bank Of The Black River (cd 2002)

Bocksholm we of course all know from “The Manifold Of Peter Andersson”. The booklet of this compilation with the different projects of Peter Andersson (Raison D’Être, etc.) explains how Bocksholm came into existence.
Since the early days of Cold Meat Industry there have been two Peter Anderssons involved with this label. One we all know for Raison D’Être, etc., the other for Deutsch Nepal, etc. Both Peter Anderssons are born in the small city of Boxholm of which the bandname is an old way of writing. After having known eachother and worked together for about 10 years, the two Peters Andersson decided to cooperate on the musical level.
The Bocksholm track on “The Manifold…” isn’t the best track on that cd, so when I received this cd from Tesco to review, I was afraid that I had to write a bad review. Fortunately “Excursions…” is a lot better than I feared. Most of the cd isn’t as noisy as the “The Manifold…” track and the noise that is on this cd is better. The largest part consists of rather simple and soft rhythmical and repetitive industrial which resulted in a nice old-fashioned (nostalgic?) sound. Not all tracks are great, but some are. Overall a pretty nice cd in a very nice digipack.

Apoptose * Blutopfer (cd 2002 tesco organisation)

For a long time I doubted whether or not to buy this cd. I have the “Nordland” debut and like it quite a bit, but I find it a bit too tranquil and monotous. This cd was supposed to have more drumming and be less tranquil and eventually I decided to get it anyway. As you probably heard by now “Blutopfer” is Apoptose’s remembrance of the Spanish “Semana Santa” festival that is held in the village of Calanda. This festival/ritual involves a massive amount of people drumming. Apoptose recorded the drumming and made this cd with these recordings. The result is sampled drumming (sometimes you can hear people talking in the background) combined with monotous soundscapes. The drumming isn’t as lively as it could have been and again the cd turned out to be quite good, but again a bit too tranquil and monotous for my liking. <29/6/02><3>

Apoptose * Nordland (cd 2000 tesco)

Another descent Tesco release. Not the usual Tesco sound though, because “Nordland” is very tranquil. The music is very ambient, often atmospheric, sometimes a bit darker now and then with some drumming and mystical samples. 7 Long tracks making a cd of 51 minutes. Not too long though, just like my reviews of today. Anyway, the digipack looks very nice and the music sounds very nice as well. I can recommand this to CMI fans and anyone who enjoys tranquil ambient. <31/10/00><3>

Tribe Of Circle * Altered States (7″ 2001 wkn/tesco)

Yesterday Tribe Of Circle gave his very first live performance on an evening together with Death In June (surprise act), Les Joyaux de la Princesse and Der Blutharsch. However not too visually appealing it was a good performance. Also this new 7″ is good. Two wonderfull industrial tracks, one a bit more tranquil, the other somewhat heavier.

Propergol – Music As A Weapon (cd 2001)

Here we have a real Tesco release. A 71 minute noise cd in an oversized package of a French band. 11 Tracks with a lot of variety in styles of noise and power electronics including everything from high to low-frequency noise, from relatively tranquil to very extreme, lots of rhythm, lots of samples, sometimes with distorted vocals and most of the time pretty dark. Get it before it is gone! <29/9/01> <4>