Anenzephalia * Funkspiele (lp 2013)

When I ordered this lp I did not realise that it does not contain new material. That probably means nothing more than that I did not read well enough. Tesco started the Archaic Documents series through which they make classic material again available. “Funkspiele” contains live material from a show on December 1 2001 in St. Petersburgh. The lp is comparable to the 2001 cd on Death Factory (CMI) as this also contains live material from the same period. When you like the old material of Anenzephalia, you might want to add one of the 250 copies of this lp to your collection.
Links: Anenzephalia, Tesco

Objekt/Urian * Agitation (cd 2010)

A couple of years I ran into a rerelease / compilation of a old records / something, of Objekt/Urian on the Hermetique mailorder list. I did not know the project, so I got “Tonfragmente II” and it proved to be a weird industrial album. Some tracks are nice, others less so. To my surprise Objekt/Urian was announced to play at the 2013 Wave Gotik Treffen and however “Tonfragmente II” is but a nice cd, Objekt/Urian immediately became one of my most anticipated shows for the WGT. They where listed for the “noise night” together with projects such as IRM, Con-Dom and Sutcliffe Jugend, but they do not really make noise, so what would this strange project do? I was not disappointed! Objekt/Urian undoubtely gave the best performance of this years’s WGT! These two guys obviously enjoy playing live and they also love to experiment with self-made air-raid-towers (with light), a transportable effect machine, leaves-blower (of whatever it was), an iron plate and mixing this together into a pretty noisy piece of old-style industrial with screaming vocals from a running-around vocalist. The show was great! From rhythmic noise to soundterrorism to more tranquil experiments.
At the merchandise table there were shirts, but also a cd that I did not know. Ironically “Agitation” was released in the same year that I found “Tonfragmente II”, but did I miss it, or did I think I had enough Objekt/Urian with the other cd? Fact is though, that “Agitation” shows the industrial weirdness of Objekt/Urian even better than the other cd. It comes quite close to the energy on stage making this cd very enjoyable. So, if you are interested in some funny and noisy industrial (can I throw in a comparison to Thorofon?), try this album.
Links: Objekt/Urian, Tesco Organisation

Anenzephalia * Kaltwelt (cd 2012)

Released as a 12″ and on cd with similar packaging. A hole in the cover shows a part of the foldout poster inside, well done. Anenzephalia made the great opening show for the 25 years of Tesco festival in november 2012. Anenzephalia is a classic German noise outfit that is aggressive in another way than the many projects that just produce an unstructured and brutal heap of noise. Simple, industrial rhythms, sometimes samples, but most notably are the aggressive vocals. “Kaltwelt” is no exception. After having seen Genocide Organ live, “Kaltwelt” is an easy-listening noise album, but I can assure you that this is not the kind of album that you want to play for your mother. If you know and like Anenzephalia, you can order “Kaltwelt” blindly (you may find it less brutal than earlier releases though). If you are trying to find your way through the jungle of musical masochism, you might find in Anenzephalia something quite harsch, but still enjoyable. I certainly like sound of mr. Moloch!
Links: Anenzephalia, Tesco

Propergol * Paradise Land (cd 2012)

Six years after “Ground Proximity Warning System” first a live performance was announced for the 25th aniversary of Tesco and then a new album to be released at that very festival. Jérôme’s Tesco show started off very ambient, a recognisable Propergol sound with stretched sounds, samples and low frequencies. This was nice, but instead of having a show with tracks running over in eachother, there were pauses between the tracks and only after a “come on” from the audience, the sound got dirty. There is close to nothing of the dirty sound on “Paradise Land”. Like the last album, the new one is mostly dark ambient, but in the Propergol way. Carefully built up tracks, making a great, dark atmosphere. No outburst, like I said. I would not mind if those came back, but “Paradise Land” is a bit more of ‘Propergol light’ for people who are not too good with extreme electronics. If you are one of those, try this album first and work your way back in the catalogue of this great, French project. To old fans I will say that in the lengthy last track, some unexpected elements appear. Propergol does not stand still.
Links: Propergol, Tesco

Isomer * Zero Lounge (cd 2005)

While ordering “Nil By Mouth” anyway, I decided to get this older (pre-last) album released by Tesco as well. However the “Nil By Mouth” special mcd release is a dark piece of noise, “Zero Lounge” is more in the style that I expect of Isomer: ambient noise with dark ambient and some soundscapes. This is more a Propergol kind of style with a dark atmosphere, many samples and here and there some noise eruptions to set the tone. There are a couple of impressive tracks on “Zero Lounge”, but also a few that are a bit too soundscapish for me. An interesting album to play as background music. I am glad that summer goes to its end, during fall and winter my musical taste shifts towards this kind of material again!
Links: Isomer, Tesco

Janitor * Qoumran 4-ever (cd 2005)

When it came out, I bought the debut lp “Ritchie”. This lp has a great track with singing and further some soundscapish things. Later I bought the first cd, which has the same sung track, one or two more of those and more soundscapes. Actually the same goes for “Qoumram”, the opening track is nicely industrial and contains some singing, then there are the less interesting soundscapish things and a nice softer track with some singing. Perhaps Janitor should release a ‘best of’ and skip the other material.

Links: Janitor, Tesco

Galerie Schallschutz * HAARP (cd 2002)

I did not really know Galerie Schallschutz before I saw them in Antwerpen in 2007. Later I bought the “Montauk Project” album, but not the cd/dvd of the Antwerpen show. The other cd has the same theme as this one. A secret US government project using sound to manipulate man and nature. This older cd is more ambient and less noisy than the later album. “Montauk Project” is better, but “HAARP” is still an interesting piece of story-telling dark ambient.

Links: Galerie Schallschutz, Tesco

Kenotaph * Promise (cd 1997)

An old Tesco-sidelabel release. I expected something dark and noise, but “Promise” is more like a long, ambient soundtrack, monotous and not very interesting. The cd does have some moments, but in general I am not too crazy about it.
Link: Functional Organisation

No Festival Of Light * Officina Gentium Vagina Nationum (cd 2000)

I have known NFOL for many, many years. In 1997 I bought the StateArt split 7″ with A Swarm Of Locusts. I do not remember what it sounds like, but judging the fact that I never bought any of the six albums yet, I was probably not impressed. I do remember that Bergström was on stage a lot when the CMI-projects started to give life performances. Perhaps these concerts also influences my decisions whether or not to buy the albums. In any case, “Officina Gentium…” is a very minimalistic dark ambient album. Low frequencies, nice, but way too monotous for my liking.

Link: Functional Organisation

Post Scriptvm * Grey Emminence (cd 2010)

I very much looked forward to this new album of our American masterminds of industrial dark ambient. The last album is 4 years old. When putting “Grey Emminence” in my player, my first thought was: “Post Scriptvm plans to do something different.” The first tracks of the new album sound like (analogue?) experimental soundscapes, the first not the least bit dark of tone and thus nothing like I expected (hoped for). The second track is also a strange compilation of sounds, but already a bit darker. Slowly the sounds evolves towards the dark industrial ambient that we love Post Scriptvm for. There is even a noise track. I have listened to “Grey Emminence” a couple of times now and it starts to grow on me. Post Scriptvm sounds different than before and “Grey Emminence” is surely something different altogether. Not (yet) as good as previous releases, but definately interesting.
Links: Post Scriptvm, Tesco