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Kojoohar & Frank Ursus – Frost Drought (2024)

  • angstpop

Frank Ursus is Te/DIS. Kojoohar is the angstpop project of Andrii Kozhukhar who also plays in Kadaitcha.

The four tracks on this 7″ are recognisably Te/DIS, but the music leans a bit more to the ‘angstpop’ side, so I suppose that is where Andrii contributed to the sound.

The 7″ contains four fairly tranquil angstpop songs with Ursus’ typical voice.

The covers are printed manually and are all unique.

Links: Kojoohar, Te/DIS, Ant-Zen

Te/DIS – Transparent Subsistence (2020)

Also our tempted dissident comes with a new album, the third album in six years time, all on Galakthorrö.

Te/DIS’ latest seems a bit softer or simpler, I am not sure how to put it. The sound is still recognizable, but it differs somewhat from the previous albums, maybe a bit more… “poppy”?

If you know the project, the music is fairly simple and minimalist, a simple beat, a bit of melody and vocals.

Just as the previous two albums “Transparent Subsistence” sounds nice. Good to play when you want something uncomplicated.

Links: Te/DIS, Galakthorrö

Te/DIS * Interrogation Gloom (cd 2017)

“Tempted Dissident” already was not the most extreme project on Galakthorrö (but he does not have the ‘minimal wave’ sound of NN), but I have the idea that “Interrogation Gloom” softer than the previous “Comatic Drift”. The music is still minimalistic with simple rhythms and melodies and male vocals, but where previously the vocals were more like talking/singing, on the new album there is more singing. This works better in some tracks than in other.

“Interrogation Gloom” needed a few spins, but it is still a nice album. There are two tracks that I really cannot ‘get into’ (yet?) though.

Link: Galakthorrö

Te/DIS ‎* Comatic Drift (cd 2014)

Tempted Dissident recently debuted on Galakthorrö with a wonderfull 7″ called “Black Swan”. Here we have the first full length. As every Galakthorrö album, “Comatic Drift” comes as a limited lp and as an unlimited cd. What you get is 12 tracks of ‘Galakthorrö light’. Like Herz Jühning, Te/DIS makes the Galakthorrö “angstpop” sound with almost no industrial or extreme outbursts. Like everything on Galakthorrö the music is well thought through, well structured and well executed. Also Te/DIS manages to make bleak, but moving electronic music. Some tracks are simply great, other are just very nice.
It may start to become dull, but here we have yet another great Galakthorrö release!
Link: Galakthorrö

Te/DIS * Black Swan (7″ 2013)

Galakthorrö did it again, they found a typical Galakthorrö project. There are two ways of looking at this fact. First you can say that the label remains in their known musical spheres, but on the other hand, Galakthorrö projects are usually damn good. Te/DIS, or Tempted Dissident, is an angtpop project in the style of Herz Jühning and therefor also the softer Haus Arafna style. There are four tracks on this 33 rmp 7″. Three of them are really great, the last one is just alright. I love the Galakthorrö sound and since not too often comes from this label, also a new project with a known sound is great news! According to the label’s website all 489 copies are gone, so should you run into a copy, do not think twice!
Link: Galakthorrö