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Speedy J.

Jochem Paap * Vrs-Mbnt-Pcs 95981 (cd 1998 ps)

Jochem Paap is better known as Speedy J with which this Dutch artist produces very experimental industrial techno. On this cd you will only hear ambient soundscapes. I think this is mostly what Paap makes for video-collages and experimental industrial expositions. Very monotous and definately not my taste. <3/6/01><1>

Speedy J * Public Energy no.1 (cd 1997 mute records limited)

Yes I know this cd is old, but here we have a techno-cd that deserves more attention from the industrial scene. This Dutch techno-pioneer went very experimental on this cd and left his danceble sounds much for what they are. This resulted in a kind of music with a lot of resemblances to ‘our’ rhythmical industrial releases. Not the danceble cds I mean here, but “Public Energy” does bring some heavy beats, is fairly rhythmical, has some noisy undertones and strange sounds. A description that may remember you of old style industrial cds, not?
This cd is thought of highly in the techno and even pop scenes and got high rankings in pop and techno magazines. I wonder if that would also have been the case if the artist didn’t bare the name Speedy J, but for example Dive….
All in all a cd that deserves a listen from everyone who enjoys experimental industrial (or techno). <10/7/00><3>

Speedy J * A Shocking Hobby (cd 2000 mute records limited)

This is where Jochem Paap continues after “Public Energy”. “A Shocking Hobby” opens with some dark ambient-like soundscapes and continues with a heavy rhythical industrial track. This latest offering of Speedy J is full of industrial rhythms with a minimal slightly technoish approach. Some tracks are more soundscapes, but most contain a rather slow industrial rhythm and a few sounds to finish the track. However this is still said to be techno, it is hardly danceble and I think that this will appeal to many people who enjoy rhythmical industrial. <18/2/01><3>

Speedy J * Loudboxer (cd 2002 novamute)

I read an interview with our Dutch Jochem Paap about this new cd. It suggested that in contradiction to Speedy’s previous experimental/difficult cds, this one was heavy, straightforward techno. With Speedy’s industrial influences in mind, I was really anxious to hear it. Well, it is straightforward techno, but not really that hard. It is more like the popular minimal 4/4 techno but slightly harder. “Loudboxer” is recorded live (in the studio) and mixed together to give a live-feeling, but I think that Speedy’s live- sets are more serious. I don’t know for sure, since I never saw him. Anyway, a nice cd, but not brilliant. <21/6/02><3>