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Drape Excrement / Söldnergeist * Black Rider (cd 2006 steinklang)

I have been in doubt whether or not to buy this album. I read that it is rereleased material, but the booklet doesn’t say from when the recordings are. I have a 1999 split cd of Drape Excrement with Catharsis which is nice, but nothing like Söldnergeist. Since Söldnergeist is on the album, I decided to order it afterall. Well, all music is by Drape Excrement and the first half of them are reworked by Söldnergeist. The style is dark ambient and noisy ambient, but the sound mostly remains that of Drape Excrement and not that of Söldnergeist. The result is nice, but not smashing.
link: Steinklang

Söldnergeist * Global Media Control (cd 1996 art-konkret)

When I ordered this cd, I thought it was a recent one. Nothing is less true it seems. Söldnergeist is still alive and kicking though and they still produce a similar kind of music these days. That is: industrial with extremely dark ambient tracks and at times noise and power electronics influences. This results in the darkest masterpieces at times, while other tracks are just average. This cd is pretty good though, safe for a track or two, three.