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BT.HN & Sistrenatus * Exposing The Ribcage (cdr 2010)

A while ago I was playing Sistrenatus albums, but I could not find “Wrought Iron Railings” and feared that I misplaced it somewhere. When I decided to look up the cover in the hope that I remembered where it was I realised that it came in an A5 cover, so it is stacked some place else. When at anyway, I looked around a little and to my dismay I discovered that I missed to Sistrenatus releases!! Fortunately mister MacFarlane had copies of both left. Fiew! “Magnetic Resonance” (see below) is limited to 200 copies, this split cd to 250 and I got number 241, so if that means anything: hurry up!!. “Exposing The Ribcage” is a joint effort of a project that I do not think I knew with of course Sistrenatus. The result is one 66 minute wall of extremely dense and dark noise, great! If you like Sistrenatus’ outburst and the harder parts of Propergol’s more recent material, you will love this exposed ribcage. Normally I am no fond of just a wall of sound, but the low frequencies, just enough variation and these weird little sounds on the background, make this a very descent harsch noise album.
Links: Sistrenatus, BT.HN, Existence Establishment

Sistrenatus * Magnetic Resonance (mcdr 2010)

“Magnetic Resonance” is a one track mcdr with a very nice “noisescape”. It goes from minimalistic, almost eerie noise, to the dark eruptions that I love this project for. The approach is more rhythmical this time, which is nice too. The digipack looks great as well, so I advice you to try to get a copy of this mcd when you like Sistrenatus. There are only 200 copies, so do not wait too long.
Links: Sistrenatus, Sophisticate Pleasure

Sistrenatus * Sensitive Disturbance (cd 2008)

Sensitive DisturbanceI thought that when I ordered my copy from Tesco, I would have it sooner than when I would order it from Cold Spring. After two weeks of waiting, Tesco tells me that it will take another 10 days before their copies arrive. Impatient as I am I spent € 9,50 to get a download copy from Cold Spring waiting for the ‘hardcopy’. Fortunately “Sensitive Disturbance” is worth paying for twice! Sistrenatus created very dense “noisescapes” with extreme noise terror moments, but not as much as before. The style is mostly the same as on the previous two cds, but that does not matter (yet), since our Canadian friend has again managed to create some greatly structured extreme electronics.
Links: Sistrenatus, Cold Spring Records

Sistrenatus * Wrought Iron Railings (cd 2007 hermetique)

In 2005 Harlow MacFarlane surprised with with an amazing noise demo. He managed to create a threatening sound that suggests an extreme noise outburst. The sound reminded me of Propergol. Sistrenatus was soon picked up by Cold Spring. The noise outburst that doesn’t come on the demo can be found in the second half of the debut cd (the first half is the demo) where Sistrenatus shows us his violent side and the total made a wonderfull album. Later Sistrenatus came in contact with Propergol / Hermetique who was interested in a release, “Wrought Iron Railings” is the result. When I put the eagerly awaiting cd in my player, my ears were damaged by a massive wall of power electronics that made me express a few curses. Also the next few tracks contain the extreme side of Sistrenatus and for a while I feared that the whole cd would sound like this. Fortunately in the second half Harlow displays the sound that I prefer, dark and noisy soundscapes with a threatening atmosphere, so it seems that this new album is “Division One” turned around. The first (short) extreme tracks are not bad, but when the experimentation and atmosphere comes in, this is where (for me) the strength of the project is to be found and again this sound is executed well. “Wrought Iron Railings” may again be a bit short (42 minutes), but it sure is another great album of musical extremity.

Links: Sistrenatus, Hermetique

Sistrenatus * Division One (cd 2007 cold spring)

After the magnificent demo (2005) that contains the first tracks of this debut cd, I have eagerly awaited this album. The demo tracks are very dark and noisy with a threatening sound that suggests the coming a violent power-electronic outburst, but which never comes. The other tracks have a slightly different style. V and VI are more ambient noise tracks, while VII is a noise track with a marchdrum. The violent eruption finally does come at the end and VIII is a real power electronics track and IX a more martial and slightly bombastic noise track. More violence is anounced for the second album “Wrought Iron Railings” that will be released on the Propergol label Hermetique later this year. “Division One” is an instant classic in the power electronics field with great atmospheres, structured violence and wonderfully built-up tracks that will definately appeal to lovers of Propergol. One minor point is the length: 37 minutes…


Sistrenatus * s/t (cdr-demo 2005)

Under the monicker Funerary Call our Canadian friend mr. MacFarlane has made ‘ritual’, dark ambient industrial music for over a decade. The style got slightly more noisy on recent releases, but now Funerary Call has been put in the freezer to make room for a total noise project. And what a noise project!! On the 20 minute demo cdr you get five tracks of brilliant noise-scapes, a soundtrack of extreme electronica. If you like Propergol, you will love Sistrenatus! As a matter of fact, Propergol is my favorite noise act, but Sistrenatus comes close, if not higher up the ladder than the French mastermind. Just not too much music to compare, but don’t worry, Justin of Cold Spring loved the demo as much as myself, so Sistrenatus is up with a contribution on the upcoming Swarm compilation and a full-length cd is already anounced! Go to to hear mp3 soundclips and be sure to get yourself a copy of this great demo!