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Rose Rovine

Rose Rovine e Amanti * Early And Unreleased Songs (cd 2007 the eastern front)

Here we have a cd full of “a small collection of old postcards” of Rose Rovine e Amanti. The tracks vary from silly experiments, to more ‘dance’ track, nice poppy (and bluesy?) neofolk songs and a not-too-good Von Thronstahl-like collection of sounds and samples. I particularly like the neofolky songs which have a nice atmosphere and an atypical sound. The cd is 42 minutes and as the title says, contains old and unreleased material (either completely new, or in an alternative version). There are some references to my own country. Two tracks are called “Holland Sea” and Theo van Gogh is on the cover.
links: Rose Rovine e Amanti, The Easten Front

Rose Rovine E Amanti * Rituale Romanum (cd 2006 cold spring)

I have one of the tracks from this album on some online compilation (I think). For the rest I didn’t know this artist from Rome. Damiano Mercuri has his own, but Italian, style of (neo)folk music. He has very particular vocals that I don’t really like all the time. Also the songs go from awfull (2, 5), to alright (1, 4, 8, 9) , to good (3, 6, 7). There is a Von Thronstahl cover and Josef K. contributed to one track. An alright album, not completely my style, but fortunately not too typical of sound.