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Red Cavity Records

Tanz Ohne Musik * Belong (mc 2014)

The new Tanz Ohne Musik seems to be a small step back to the synthpop / minimal wave sound of earlier releases and away from the Galakhorrö angstpop. A small step though. Like on “Between Our Body Shapes” there are still heavy Galakthorrö influences, but Tanz Ohne Musik seems to be working more towards their own sound; an interesting sound! Most tracks have a slow, analogue sound with typical vocals. Some tracks tend more towards minimal wave, other more towards angstpop, but most are somewhere in between. Recommended!

Links: Tanz Ohne Musik, Red Cavity Records

Alone In The Hollow Garden‎ * L . V . X . (mc 2014)

However I ordered this exquisitly packaged tape from Beläten, it was released by Red Cavity Records who also released the Tanz Ohne Musik tape that I reviewed a while back.
The music starts with soundscapes, analogue according to the description. Here and there the sound is quite ritualistic, not entirely unlike Zero Karma or Chöd. Halfway the sound becomes a lot darker with an excellent “Self Eating Serpent”. The last tracks are nicely dark too.
Links: Alone In The Hollow Garden, Red Cavity Records

Tanz Ohne Musik ‎* Between Our Body Shapes (mc 2013)

I stumbled upon the Bandcamp of this Romenian project. The name sounds familiar, but according to I had not played (or at least “scrobbled”) Tanz Ohne Musik before today. This project has quite a few releases available, most of them online, but what I have heard from previous material it is all just alright minimal wave. For the last release TOM seems to have had a good listen to Haus Arafna and other Galakthorrö projects. “Between Our Body Shapes” is a very nice angstpop release that reminds of more tranquil Galakthorrö/Arafna material, especially in some sounds (samples perhaps?). This release being available through Bandcamp you can of course just listen to it, I also have it on the computer, but I hope to receive one of the 50 copies of the tape as well.
Links: Tanz Ohne Musik, Red Cavity Records