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Rapoon ‎* Time-loop Anomalies (cd 2012)

This is the second album of Rapoon that Zoharum sent me. The first two tracks are soft, melodic and minimalistic, but like on the previous cd that I reviewed, there are also more dark ambient like tracks, however still ‘soundscapish’, or perhaps “soundcollages” is a better description. There is also some ‘idm’ experimentation and a slightly more ritualistic sound here and there. Just as on “Disappeared Redux” I prefer the darker tracks over the lighter ones, but there are not too many of them.
Links: Rapoon, Zoharum

Rapoon * Disappeared Redux (2012)

Rapoon is a classic industrial project from Poland, but I almost only knew them by name. It seems that this is the first cooperation with their country-mates from Zoharum (after a compilation contribution). “Disappeared Redux” opens with a piano tune and continues with a very nice dark ambient track with a soft rhythm and a female spoken voice. After this there are a couple of very minimalistic soundscapes with a ritualistic tone, but not really my cup of tea. Only in dark tracks such as “Breath Of Ages” (track 7) Rapoon catches my attention. Unfortunately while the good tracks are very good, the other tracks not really, to my ears, but since there are more of the latter, I do not think that I will put on this album very often.
Links: Rapoon, Zoharum