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Post Scriptvm

Post Scriptvm – Eisstoß (2024)

Both the discography and the time that I know this Russian/American outfit go back 25+ years. But, the first release that I got of him was from 2002. Post Scriptvm is back on Tesco for the fifth (if I am correct) collaboration.

“Eisstroß” comes as a luxury vinyl and -of course- as a digital release. It opens with a somewhat noisy ambient piece with highly distorted ‘power electronics’ vocals. What follows are mostly the weird industrial ambient soundscapes that we know Post Scriptvm for, but often quite noisy again (fortunately!). The third track is a superb death industrial track, some of the best noise I heard in a while.

Overall the album contains perhaps a bit too much soundscapish material with too many high frequencies for my liking. The often used vocals give a bit of a ‘Gnawed feeling’ which is a plus.

Weird as I know him, dark as I like him and one sublime outburst. Overall a descent album.

Links: Post Scriptvm, Tesco

Post Scriptvm ‎– Variola Vera (2019)

In the early 2000’s I bought cds from the American Somanbulant Corpse (later: Somnambulant) label. Usually in the DVD A5 type package. The had some projects that became legendary, such as Murderous Vision (also still alive) and Post Scriptvm.

Post Scriptvm later released an excellent album on Propergol’s Hermetique label (“Marginal Existence” 2005). This was a weird, dark, noisy ambient kind of thing. The sound shifted more towards soundscapes which appeal to me less.

Putting on “Variola Vera” I thought that this would be another such soundscape-album, but I am happy to say that the second track (“Born Into Trauma”) is an excellent piece of “ambient noise”. Not too extreme, a pulsating rhythms, highly distorted vocals, but with that weird Post Scriptvm Sound.

The rest of the album is mostly the strange ambient soundscape type of sound with only here and there the vocals and a more industrial approach. Interesting, different, but not too much to my liking.

Links: Post Scriptvm, Tesco

Post Scriptvm‎ * Benommenheit (cd 2014)

I had no idea that Post Scriptvm had a new album coming until it showed up in the Tesco newsletter. It is even released by Tesco. Well, the previous two albums were too, so this is not too strange.
I love “Marginal Existence” (2005), from then on Post Scriptvm seemed to become less dark and more experimental. The following albums were all interesting, but I mostly like this project for the older material. When I put on “Benommenheit”, I was pleased to hear some pretty dark material, somewhat noisy even, great! A bit furtheron this album reminds more of the previous album “Grey Emminence” (2010) which is alright, but less interesting to my ears.
All in all certainly one of the more interesting releases in the style that I will for convenience sake call “dark ambient” and especially the first tracks are great.
Links: Post Scriptvm, Tesco

Post Scriptvm * Grey Emminence (cd 2010)

I very much looked forward to this new album of our American masterminds of industrial dark ambient. The last album is 4 years old. When putting “Grey Emminence” in my player, my first thought was: “Post Scriptvm plans to do something different.” The first tracks of the new album sound like (analogue?) experimental soundscapes, the first not the least bit dark of tone and thus nothing like I expected (hoped for). The second track is also a strange compilation of sounds, but already a bit darker. Slowly the sounds evolves towards the dark industrial ambient that we love Post Scriptvm for. There is even a noise track. I have listened to “Grey Emminence” a couple of times now and it starts to grow on me. Post Scriptvm sounds different than before and “Grey Emminence” is surely something different altogether. Not (yet) as good as previous releases, but definately interesting.
Links: Post Scriptvm, Tesco

Post Scriptvm * Raspad (cd 2006 tesco)

After a cd on Somnambulant Corpse (2002), Hermetique (2005), Post Scriptvm have found their way to Tesco, the ultimate industrial label. The new album is much less dark than the previous album, but can still be catagorized as “dark soundscapes”. Post Scriptvm again created a nice atmosphere and a very nice cd to play on the background while reading. I think I like “Marginal Existence” (the second album) better, but I better make my final judgement when I have played both of them after eachother a few times.

Post Scriptvm * Marginal Existence (cd 2005 hermetique)

The first cd of Post Scriptvm was released on the American Somnambulant Corpse/Records and is reviewed as well. Like on the 2002 debut “Gauze”, Post Scriptvm produces extremely dark ambient with industrial and noise influences. The cd is pretty good. The atmosphere is dense, pressing and dark with industrial rhythms and skrieking noises, a step forward from the first (also nice) album. On a few occasions Post Scriptvm is a bit too monotous, but not as often as on the debut album. The packaging is very nice too (as most Hermetique releases), a square envelope with stickers on. For lovers of extremely dark electronics, not fearing a bit of noise!

Post Scriptvm * Gauze (cdr 2002 somnambulant corpse recordings)

I got to know this US band from and later I saw that they got a deal on SCR so they ended up on the “The Outsider” compilation (see elsewhere) and here is the first cdr. Rather short (36 min), but in a nice DVD box like other SCR releases. Post Scriptvm makes pretty dark ambient with extremely low frequencies. The music is quite monotous, but just not too monotous to become boring there are industrial and noise elemenets to be heard as well. Some tracks are really dark and wonderfull, others are a bit too monotous.
So, get in contact with the young and interesting SCR recordings, visit their wonderfull page and learn about the music they release. So far they have been worth it, so who knows what the future will bring?