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Ordo (Rosarius) Equilibrio

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio * Songs 4 Hate & Devotion (cd 2010)

Reading back my Ordo/ORE reviews in most cases I speak about ‘just another Ordo album’. The same goes for the new effort. “Songs 4 Hate & Devotion” contains the current, soft, poppy style without any surprises. In fact, the album is predictable, cheesy and downright boring. Even after a few listenings I have to conclude that this is the least interesting Ordo album to date…
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Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio * Do Angels Never Cry, And Heaven Never Fall? (mcd 2010)

The new ORE is not released on CMI?? For the rest it is ORE like we know them. This mcd opens with two versions of the title track and it sounds like… ORE. Then there are two new versions of old songs. “Reaping The Fallen, The Second Harvest” lets us hear what happened in in the style since 1995 and “Who Stole The Song” is a new version of a more recent track. As always, nice, but nothing too special.
Links: Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Out Of Line

TriORE * Three Hours (cd 2009)

Three HoursAs ORE keeps releasing new albums, my interest deminishes, the last Triarii album is a great album though and the “Roses For Rome” song that these two did together is very nice too. So what would an entire album of a combination of these two projects sound like? Besides the first and last track, it seems that ORE had a lot more influence on the sound as Triarii. The songs are tranquil, ORE-like and only on the background are some martial industrial or orchestral sounds. It is funny to hear the similarities of the sounds of both projects and “Three Hours” sounds better than ORE alone, but I would have like a bit more Triarii sound in here. I must say that like with Triarii the simple melodies start to work better after a few rounds in the player, so maybe this album will grow on me a bit more.
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Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio * O N A N I (Practice Made Perfect) (2008)

O N A N IFirst released as a 12″, then as a picture 12″ and upcoming on cd and cd+dvd comes the new album of ORE. This album immediately sounds a bit different from earlier achievements. The sound is softer, more melancholic, the guitar loops are almost gone (or with effects). After a few listenings, the album still does not really work for me. It is a bit too soft and the crazy, bombastic, industrial, martial, etc. elements all seem to be lost and we are left with atmospheric music with male and female vocals. Perhaps musically “Onani” is a step forward. There are no longer the obvious looped samples and repetitions, but it seems that this had to give away to the atmosphere somewhat. Maybe I have to listen to this album some more before things start to fall in their place.
Links: Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Cold Meat Industry

Victoria * Homo Rattus (7″ 2001 erebus odora)

Yes I know this review is very late, but it took me a while to get myself one of the 800 copies of this 7″. For those also looking for it, I just got my copy from Tesco, so you may want to try them as well. It is said there is a new 800-copies-7″ coming up.
To the few who don’t know Victoria, I can say that this is a project by the male halves of Arcana and ORE, released by Peter Pettersson (Arcana/Sophia) on his own Erebus Odora label. Side A is a nice ORE-like song called “This Carnival Of Light” but the best reason to buy this 7″ is a crazy jazz/bossanova/60’ies song on side B called “Like Rats Rattus Rattus”.
But don’t worry if you are not able to find a copy, the “Like Rats” song can be downloaded as mp3 from the Erebus Odora site. <13/4/02><4>

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio * Apocalips (cd 2006 cold meat industry)

I wasn’t sure if I had to get this album. ORE is good, but their albums are usually quite the same. Also the songs from the band’s Myspace site weren’t too promising: more ORE. I am glad that I got to hear the album afterall though! “Apocalips” is more poppy, more militant, more bombastic and more industrial. More trendy I might say, but these elements that were already part of the sound, but which are now enlarged, surely did good. I particularly like the more industrial/noisy edges in a couple of songs. The sound is still very ORE, but a bit different, as if the band reinvented itself. Better? Hmmm, “Apocalips” is surely one of the better albums, but the best maybe not. Still an album that both ORE fans and lovers of a more military pop sound should get their hands on.

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio / Spiritual Front * Satyriasis (cd 2005 cold meat industry)

On first sight these are not the first bands that I think about for releasing a split cd. On second hand, why not? Both bands make their own style of ‘neofolk’ (by lack of a better word), like ‘musical jokes’, make repetitive music and have something with sex. So the two bands decided to make a split cd. “Satyriasis” is only 35 minutes, the first and the last tracks are cooperations between the bands, the rest are tracks by the two bands alone. Not all new, but the styles of the bands go well together and this cd is certainly very enjoyable.

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio * Cocktails, Carnage Crucifixion and Pornography, Love Will Change The World? (cd 2003 cold meat industry)

I can’t follow it (but then again, I’m probably not on the internet enough). Wasn’t ORE supposed to end after a luxerous box with 7″‘s that still hasn’t been released? Probably not, because this seems like a normal cd to me. Just for the better then and on to the music.
“C.C.C.P.” is an ORE cd, nothing more nothing less. Very nice neofolkish songs alternated with more bombastic tracks. Everything very repetative but well-done. Of course sexual influences and lyrics. A new element are seemingly real instruments (cello, flute) and of course the fact that the cd comes in a digipack. Anyway, what can I say? It’s good, not as bombastic as the Love And Wars, but still very nice.

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio * Make Love, And War – the wedlock of equilibrium (cd 2001 cold meat industry)

A mirror cd to the previous “Make Love, And War – the wedlock of roses” that was released a few months back. “The Wedlock Of Equilibrium” has a similar lay-out, length (38 minutes) and musical style, but the latter with a bit more drumming and acoustic guitars. This cd is fairly tranquil and in my opinion not as good as the previous cd, but still fairly nice. The intro and outro are the same and both cds are together also available as a double lp with the title “Make Love, And War – the wedlock of roses & equilibrium” which comes in a limited edition of course.

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio * Make Love And War (A Wedlock Of Roses) (cd 2000 cold meat industry)

Finally I have it, the new Ordo. As most of you know there have been quite some problems with this release. First Chelsea left the band bisecting the former duo. Chelsea is replaced by another female counterpart in the form of Rosemary, but she doesn’t do any vocals on this cd. Later the cd was withdrawn for reasons I still don’t know, but fortunately Ordo did perform on the Eurorock festival in Belgium last summer and also played new songs. This proved that the withdrawal was more a postphonement than a real withdrawal. And after a long wait, half way november was the time, at last.
After a funny but rather long intro a couple of totally brilliant tracks can be heard. Regarding the style Ordo didn’t change very much. The music is still quite simple, repetative and with spoken vocals. In most cases I am no fond of repetative music, but somehow Ordo manages to turn this fact into a grand benefit. You can hear the usual soft industrial and neo-folk songs with Tomas well known vocals. The cd closes off with a rather long outro and overall the cd is too short. The 35 minutes of music that we get is magnificent though.