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Midnight Productions

M.O.T.T. * Архипелаг Гулаг (mcd 2009)

Архипелаг ГулагMost Of The Taciturn is a Chinese dark ambient project and they release this mcd (5 tracks, 20 minutes) on the Chinese label that also released the newest Dead Man’s Hill and l’Effet c’est Moi albums. It comes in a very nice digipack, but the soundscapes are a bit too monotous for me. So there is a market for this kind of music in China too? And they manage to get their limited releases here too, since these albums are not very hard to get here.
Links: Midnight Productions, M.O.T.T.

Dead Man’s Hill * Songs From The Forthcoming Apocalypse (2008)

Songs For The Forthcoming ApocalypseHowever I have known this Belgian project since the early days, I never really followed him. When Dead Man’s Hill was still new, I saw him live a few times. I heard some of the releases, but was not interested enough to buy them besides two split releases. Interested in what DMH would sound like nowadays, I got myself this cd. The sound is still more or less the same: slow and pompous industrial with slow beats and orchestrations. The sound reminds quite a bit of In Slaughter Natives here and there, but especially the weird (and rather irritating sometimes) vocal effects and the use of guitars (sometimes it is almost metal) give DMH a sound of his own. Some tracks are alright, but most are not all that good in my opinion.
Links: Dead Man’s Hill, Midnight Productions

l’Effet c’Est Moi * Les Voix De L’ Apocalypse (cd 2009)

Les Voix De L' ApocalypseWhen I saw this album on a distribution list I did not realise that I knew this band from some online compilation (“Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense” 2006). Apparently they released an earlier album called “Tomber en Heroés” (2006 I heard it and it is a not too good martial album. When I listed the new tracks on the band’s Myspace I figured I might get the album. Well, “Les Voix…” actually is another not too good or professional bombastic martial release. Digital copper and orchestrations and of course a lot of drumming make this entirely instrumental album into an average album in a genre that apparently sounds about the same as 10 years ago. Sometimes the melodies are catching and the atmosphere good, but as a whole I find this album not particularly good.
Links: l’Effet c’est Moi, Midnight Productions