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Angelspit * Carbon Beauty (cd 2011)

I seldom hear, let alone review, new and hip things from the larger gothic scene. Inspite of my very wide musical taste, my interest seldom goes to the ‘next generation’ gothic(-related) bands. A while ago I was listening to where I never listen to my ‘normal’ music (no use, since I have it all on cd) and suddenly there was this very nice industrial rock track in the Ministry vein. The band appeared to be Angelspit. I knew Angelspit. This Australian duo looks way too hip for me (sweet prejudice) and I never consciously listened to their music. I decided to try their last album. “Carbon Beauty” opens in a promising way. An energetic kind of modern EBM/electro. Only lateron there are some guitars. Save one or two tracks the music is not really catchy or convincing and I particularly do not like the vocals which remind too much of the singing/talking of modern “urban” music. Unfortunately another prejudice came true… Sometimes I wonder what the ‘gothic youth’ listens to, perhaps this answers that question too.
Angelspit, Metropolis Records

Terrorfakt * Re/Evolution (cd 2009)

Re/EvolutionThis new project already has many releases available, but the first release is of 2002, a couple of years after I listened to this kind of music. Terrorfakt makes industrial techno, most of the time not as extreme as Winterkälte or Synchro Mode, but still quite energetic. The music has enough variety, but often misses just that to make it really good, perhaps it is the flood of breaks/rhythm changes, I am not sure. Not bad, but not too great either.
Links: Terrorfakt, Metropolis Records