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Luftwaffe ‎* Dissension (cd 2013)

I have told the story countless times. Before there was Myspace there was and unsigned bands freely presented their music there. This is where I discovered Luftwaffe somewhere in the late 1990’ies. It took many years before the band finally got the recognition they deserved with their (still) highly original combination of NON-like industrial and neofolk’n’roll; not the cheesy kind of neofolk, but energetic neofolk. Luftwaffe was a duo who used a lot of guest musicians. Now the duo split, one half continues under the monicker Et Nihil and “Dissension” is Luftwaffe’s goodbye album.
Most material sounds new to me, or at least, so far unreleased. There is relatively much neofolk and the music is not as good the last two albums, but “Dissension” is another wonderfull album of this American band.
Links: Luftwaffe, Old Europa Cafe

Luftwaffe * Ere I Perish (cd 2010)

One of my favourite bands comes with a new album. Four years after the magnificent “Event Nihilisti” comes “Ere I Perish”. Again the band goes from industrial to (neo)folk and back, everything with their very own rock’n’roll’ish style. Nihilistic lyrics and music combined with sometimes dark, sometimes catchy songs and strange experimentations, Luftwaffe the way I like them. “Ere I Perish” is again an album that grows on me. The first part is mostly pretty dark, the latter half more folky, but in both styles, the tracks are again very interesting and original. Yep, Luftwaffe created another album that will find its way to my player frequently.
Links: Luftwaffe, Old Europa Café

Luftwaffe * Event Nihilisti (cd 2006 punch records)

This album is the reason that I postphoned my orders for some time. I wanted to have this cd so bad, that I decided to wait until it was available before ordering anything else. When in the meantime I heard the mp3 snippets on the label site, I was slightly disappointed, but now hearing the cd I am not! ‘Neofolk’n’roll’, Luftwaffe from the USA makes a crazy and original kind of music that is extremely enjoyable, weird and wonderfull. The cd first has mostly their well-known (violent) drum-oriented tracks and towards the end come more tranquil songs, even traditional Irish music. I discovered Luftwaffe on long before there was Myspace and then there were hard-to-get small releases. In 2004 “Trephanus Uhr” was available more easily and this new magnificent album can be bought from most distros. Luftwaffe deserve that! They have been making their own kind of ‘neofolk’ (by lack of a better term) and continue their pig-headed path. They got attention from ‘big names’ in the scene such as Douglas P., Boyd Rice or Richard Leviathan who collaborated on this or other albums, but didn’t end up on any of the ‘big labels’. Punch from Italy is a good step forward though. I think now everybody has the possibility to get to know Luftwaffe. Not for the lovers of Forseti-like neofolk, but more for those who enjoy crazy music such as that of Boyd Rice. Samples, drumming, screamed vocals, weird texts and great ‘neofolk’n’roll’. <4/12/06><4>

Luftwaffe * Trephanus Uhr (cd 2004 lupine arts)

If you are not familiar with this American band, this is a great opportunity to get to know them. 17 Tracks covering their entire career which spans several years. Many tracks I already had, but some are new to me. Great and weird music going from industrial, drumming tracks to some kind of ‘neofolk’ (but then better). For more information about the band, read my other Luftwaffe reviews. <15/6/05><4>

Luftwaffe * Solipstica Nihilisti (10″ 2004 punch records)

l have known the American Luftwaffe for quite some years. Several years ago they had a page at and during the years I downloaded all of their available tracks. In all this time I have been able to find only one original item of the band: “The Trepan Of The Clock” (cd+magazine 2002). However Luftwaffe is one of the best kept secrets of the scene they have worked with Boyd Rice, Douglas P. and Richard Leviathan. Their music is original and great, from ‘neofolky’ songs to weird industrial experiments and great repetative tracks with drumming. The title of this 10″ completely covers the philosophy of the band, they are nihilistic and solipsistic of which the last term refers to a “metaphysical belief that only onself exists” (Wikipedia). Also there are references to (Jewish) esotericism and a little bit of religion. No flirting with dubious politics which is also nice for a change.
This 10″ comes in an LP-size cover which is a poster with what you see above on the inside (4x the size of an LP), some kind of Kabbalistic-like symbol.
But back to the music. When you have downloaded all available tracks during the years and/or you have other releases by this band, you will find that many tracks can be found on different places. The tracklists of this 10″ and the “Trephanus Uhr” cd (see below) are for 3/4 the same. This is a bit of a pitty. BUT, Luftwaffe makes great and entertaining music with an original sound. Like I said, the band is a bit hard to follow. This is caused by very limited releases on small labels. This 10″ was released on an Italian label that I didn’t know yet, and is limited to 303 copies, so be quick and/or be on the lookout for the “Trephanus Uhr” cd! <15/6/05><4>

Luftwaffe * The Trepan Of The Clock + Et Nihil (cd+mag 2002 lupine arts)

I have known this American band for a while because of their page on They have got enough tracks there to make your own Luftwaffe cd. This is necessary, because all previous material was very limited and is long sold out. This cd that comes with an A4-magazine with nihilistic articles and a sheet in an envelope. This release is limited to 100 copies.
The cd has only 7 tracks and the better of them can be downloaded from
Anyway, the music of Luftwaffe goes from strange industrial to nice folky music and is very agreeable and finally I have been able to lay my hands on original material. This release is no longer available from the band, but maybe Athanor has a few copies left. Be quick! <29/9/02><4>