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Le Testament De La Lumiere

Le Testament De La Lumière * Echoes Out Of Time (cd 2010)

Some seven years ago I reviewed the demo of this project. I was aware that this demo later got a regular release, but not until now did I notice that the band slightly changed it’s name going from lights to light. Seven years ago “sounds like Der Blutharsch” was still a selling-line and however Le Testament indeed has some martial edges, the music was more ambient than industrial. Actually, the same can be said about this new album. “Echoes Out Of Time” starts with minimalistic and monotous soundscapes with a bit of drumming, but towards the end the music becomes more industrial with here and there a touch of noise. I am still not particularly impressed by the old style, the last few tracks are alright. Overall this album is not really convincing, but perhaps you happen to enjoy ‘martial ambient’.
Link: Steinklang

Le Testament Du Lumières * Der Tod Is Ein Treuer Kamerad (cd 2003 noiseworks)

I just bought this cd out of curiosity. It proved to be limited to 55 copies!! Of course Le Testament sounds like Der Blutharsch, as you will hear. This is still a sellers-line, but it doesn’t give this release much credit. “Der Tod…” goes from dark ambient, to dark industrial, martial industrial and even some slightly dancable experiments. All in all not bad for a debut (?). No masterpiece, but still promising. Where do you get this album? Well, the emailaddress of the label doesn’t work, so you may want to check my source Going Underground. <22/9/03><3>