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Law * Our Life Through Your Death (cd 2000 triumvirate)

This is the label-masters Mitchell Altum’s own musical outlet. When Mitch sent me an email and told me about his label I expected this to be the sound of the -or at least most- Triumvirate releases: experimental, but not very extreme noise (or ‘noisescapes’), like releases on Tesco such as Cruelty Campaign or COTA. Law can surely be compared to these two, in a way of course, because the nice thing about such projects is that they still have their own sound. Therefor is it also hard to describe a release like this, but try to imagine a noisy background, worked-on samples and industrial sounds or of dark ambient but then ‘made with noise’ or noise for your living room and you may get an idea. I like this kind of stuff at least, as long as there is not too much of it. I hope I am right that the material is from 1996, but the release of 2000.

Law * Vindication And Contempt (cd 1997 triumvirate)

Hm, the artwork could catch the eye of the neofolk and/or martial industrial lover, but I don’t know if the music would too. Well maybe… do I hear acoustic guitars between the noisy background and samples of track two?. This cd is a bit more monotous than the other (earlier recorded but later releases?) “Our Life…” cd and also a bit less interesting. “Vindication…” sure also has its moments, but also moments that I would skip if my cd-player had a remote. But don’t worry, enough interesting tracks on this 62 minute cd!