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Von Thronstahl / HERR / Kriegsfall-U * Instruo Vestra Pro Pugna! (12″ 2005 cold spring)

The Brittish label Cold Spring has been around for 15 years which was celebrated with a small festival late last year and now this special 12 has been released, limited to 500 copies. On side A is a long track by Von Thronstahl, the other two bands have half of side B. None of the tracks are very good… Von Thronstahl (pig headed as they are) come with a strange sound collage consisting of a twice told tale (through eachother) with some kind of music towards the end. I do like it when a band tries to do something new, but of course I can’t always like the result. This track is better than some of the other soundcollages that Von Thronstahl has made, but I prefer them making music. Then to the Dutch band HERR. They made some kind of neofolkish song with awfull vocals and an accordion. Then Kriegsfall-U have a nice dark industrial track, but nothing compared to their album. Exclusive tracks by three great bands, but unfortunately not really their best material. <14/1/06><2>

Kriegsfall-U * s/t (cd 2005 cold spring records)

Cold Spring is always on the hunt for new talents and frequently this hunt is succesfull. I didn’t know Kriegsfall-U, even though they seem to have released a split 7” with Wappenbund. This debut cd is announced thus: “Musically, you may compare Kriegsfall-U with Turbund Sturmwerk, Wappenbund, Les Joyaux De La Princesse, Sophia, early Der Blutharsch… “. Well, I don’t agree, fortunately not! Not a new bombastic industrial clone, but nice and martial ambient and industrial more reminding of Sturmovik or Karceral Flesh than the bands in the Cold Spring ad. From nice and dark to pretty heavy industrial with here and there a noisy touch. Better than I expected and different than announced. <24/8/05><3>