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Jason Forrest

Jason Forrest * Shamelessly Exciting (cock rock disco 2006 online album)

Jason Forrest is also known as DJ Donna Summer under which monicker he makes ADHD mixes between techno, breakcore, soul, jazz and whatever he can lay his hands on. A few years ago Forrest decided to form a one-man-band under his own name. “Shamelessly Exciting” is a complete novelty (as far as I know) in the music bizz. Forrest mixes fucked-up breakcore beats with poprock guitars, punk samples and towards the end the album gets a bit pop-idm-jazz-like. Eh? Hard to describe, but energetic, fresh and magnificent.

DJ Donna Summer * BootyBreakTranceClub-Core Mix (online DJ mix 2006 cock rock disco)

Jason Forrest (see unofficial tekno reviews) was earlier known as Donna Summer, both as a musical artist as as DJ. Here we have a one hour free DJ mix which is completely brilliant. DS goes from techno to IDM, breakcore and a lot of old-fashioned gabber. He throws in popmusic such as Lynard Skynard or Queen. The greatest thing is that DS doesn’t just plays tracks after eachother mixing them together, but he actually uses tracks to make something different from it. Run DMC becomes an acid track and from (the unlisted) Prodigy’s “Wind It Up” you only get the piano tune. The mix goes from nice dance music to breakcore extremism, but overall is a very nice ADHD dance mix with the most unexpected tracks. Very nice! <4/3/07><4>