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Janitor * Qoumran 4-ever (cd 2005)

When it came out, I bought the debut lp “Ritchie”. This lp has a great track with singing and further some soundscapish things. Later I bought the first cd, which has the same sung track, one or two more of those and more soundscapes. Actually the same goes for “Qoumram”, the opening track is nicely industrial and contains some singing, then there are the less interesting soundscapish things and a nice softer track with some singing. Perhaps Janitor should release a ‘best of’ and skip the other material.

Links: Janitor, Tesco

Janitor * Receiving A Flower On Mother’s Day (cd 2002 tesco)

DAMN I had to wait long for this cd! I have the 1999 lp “Richie” which has one great track and a couple of nice ones and didn’t immediately order this cd when it came out. When I did, it took 4 of 5 months before I got it… Of course you will know by now that this is a project by Lina Baby Doll of Deutsch Nepal and Bennie Nilsen of Hazard (ex Morthond). The lp has more oldstyle industrial and noise and one great track with singing, this cd has a few very long rather monotous soundscapish things, three tracks with singing (of which one the song from “Richie”) and a noise-track on the end. Quite like I expected actually, pretty nice, not smashing, but expecially the singing tracks are worth the buy.

Janitor * Richie (lp 1999 entartete musikk)

However the cover says “Entartete Musikk 1999” I believe this lp was just made available. Janitor is a project of B. Nilsen (Hazard, formerly Mortho(u)nd) and Lina Baby Doll (Deutsch Nepal, etc.) and released on Lina’s Generalstab label. It contains a variety of styles of industrial music, varying from something that sounds like old Deutsch Nepal, soft industrial with (tribalic) rhythms, to noise and rather poppy industrial with singing. Most of “Richie” doesn’t sound too special to me, but the sung track is really good.
Limited to 500 copies and available from Tesco.