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Inade * Audio Mythology Two (cd 2014)

Regular readers of these pages will know that I am not too keen on dark ambient. Inade might not be the exception, but I do listen to them every once in a while. I have known them since the 1993 “Burning Flesh” tape, but obviously I do not follow them closely enough. Deezer (a Spotify competitor) ‘informed’ me about this new album. I had no idea that Inade is still active, so I listened to “Audio Mytholgy Two” (more about that later. When I checked Discogs before I started to write this review, I noticed that this is actually one of six 2014 releases! There are four “seasons” of “Colliding Dimensions” with live and rehearsal material (two of these albums are available on Deezer), available as mp3 downloads (in 2005 this was released as a 4cd box celebrating a world tour); also an mp3 album called “Delineation. Metamorphosis. Permanence” which title rings a bell, so this material might have been available before too.
In any case, “Audio Mythology One” was released in 2012 and it seems that I missed it. Number two has the typical Inade sound. Dark, droning ambient with ‘ritual rhythms’ (to call it that), deep spoken vocals. Other tracks are very dark soundscapes with no rhythm or vocals. Great music to read books to!
Nothing surprising when you know this German project, but since the music is always qualitativelly good, you can just get your hands on this latest release when you like Inade.
Links: Inade, Loki Found

Anenzephalia / Inade / Operation Cleansweep * s/t (cd 2006)

A while ago I was playing Operation Cleansweep’s great “Powerhungry” album. I do not have either the 1996 original vinyl release, nor the limited cdr rerelease of 2007, so I had to pull it off the web. Curious if there would be any material available, I ran into this 30 minute split release with three great projects. Unfortunately the opening track of Anenzephalia is quite a monotous slightly noisy ambient track that is not too interesting. Also the other four tracks (two of Inade, two of Cleansweep) can be described as ambient noise while Inade is usually the dark ambient kind of project (with some noisy edges sometimes) and Cleansweep the wall of sound kind of noise project. All tracks are alright, but not what I hoped for. The best track is Inade’s “3 Million Minds”, a very dark ambient track.
Links: Anenzephalia, Inade, Teito Sound Company

Inade * Incarnation Of The Solar Architects (cd 2009)

Incarnation Of The Solar ArchitectsAt this year’s WGT I bought the shirt of this album (since it wasn’t black) and I figured I might buy the album with the shirt! As you all know, Inade makes dark but meditative dark ambient soundscapes and their latest album is no exception. “Incarnation…” is not a masterpiece, but has some very good tracks and some nice experimentation with sounds and voice. For some reason also this album has arguments with my cd-player, just like that other Inade cd that I have and contrary to all my other cds. Anyway, much better dark ambient than the recent CMI releases and also for lovers of the more ‘ritualistic’ side of the genre.
Links: Inade, Loki Found

Turbund Sturmwerk / Inade * Peryt Shou (12” box 2002 loki)

I was excited to hear that there was new material of Turbund. A box, second in the “Germania Occulta” series of Loki, that was started with the “Saturn Gnosis” compilation. This time dedicated to the esoteric writer Christian Georg Schultz (living around the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century) who took the name Peryt Shou. According to the booklet “Peryt” refers to “ray” of light (snake) and “Shou” to the god of air. “Peryt” is the sowing time in the Egyptian mythology and “Shou” the first generation of gods, but also the feather of thruth. Anyway, the gatefold sleeve has an article of Peryt Shou and in the box there is a book in 10” format with more info about the project.
To the music then. The Turbund side isn’t very impressive, too monotous ambient. The Inade side is already a bit better, some darker industrial/ambient. A bit like the Saturn Gnosis box, visually and informationally impressive, but musically not too much.

Inade * The Crackling Of The Anonymous (cd 2001 loki)

It was a pretty long time ago (1994/5 or so) that I slowly got acquainted with the gothic/industrial scene. For some reason I soon landed with the small label/mailorder L.O.K.I.-foundation from Germany. From them I got the Abraxas/Endura demo, I ran into TMLHBAC and I bought some of their own releases, such as the “Burning Flesh” demo tape of Inade. I wasn’t too fond of it then, I was more looking for medievalish kinds of things and dark ritual projects. For some reason I have always unconsciously followed Inade, downloaded mp3s, every now and then buying some music, like the split lp with Turbund, “Saturn Gnosis” and compilations, but I never really got to buying an album. A while ago I was listening to mp3s again and decided that it was high time that I bought an album over 10 years after my first acquaintance with this project. But which? The new Japanese collection cd, the 4 cd box or rather something cheaper and/or older? In the end it became “The Crackling”. The album sounds exactly like I expected. Very dark ambient soundscapes with here and there some ritual influences, rather monotous, but not too much. Not too exciting, but very fit for background music while reading and since I do that a lot…! A very nice album, I think that I will play it every now and then. I don’t know yet if I want to buy more albums of this German project, but who knows.