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Hexentanz * Nekrocrafte (cd 2004 fossil dungeon)

“The Soil Bleeds black & Psychonaut 75 present: Hexentanz”. Yes yes, a cd of this coproject of the two named bands. In may 2002 I reviewed their wonderfull 7″ and here we have a fulllength cd. Ehm, fullength? 35 Minutes is a little short. Anyway, back to the times in which dark and occult alternative projects appeared in the black metal scene. Hexentanz makes dark industrial/ritual music, while other tracks are slighly more bombastic or medievalish. Sometimes the music reminds me of Akhkharu who you may know from the same label (“The Fossil Dungeon” compilation), the opening track maybe a bit TMLHBAC? This project is inspired by medieval and modern witchery and the sound is dark, occult and yet there are medieval sounds played on medieval instruments. Really a wonderfull release. Much better than the Equimanthorn cd that was made available several months ago which more or less sounds the same as their 1994 picture lp. Hexentanz sounds more mature and modern than that. Just one thing: too short!

Hexentanz * The Sabbat Comes Softly (7″ 2002 the fossil dungeon)

Well well, the debut of a new American project. “A collaborative project between members of The Soil Bleeds Black and Psychonaut 75” and this is exactly what you get. It seems like they put the sound of the two bands in a mixer and the result is a mix between “dark ambient and medieval sentimentalities”. Ritualistic and dark ambient sounds of Michael Ford, Dana Dark and Davcina and the double flutes of the brothers Riddick. However ‘just’ a rude mix between the styles, the outcome actually sounds very nice! I think this should appeal to both the people who like TSBB and those who enjoy the sounds of Psychonaut.
The 7″ comes on heavy vinyl, with two 33rpm tracks on both sides and is limited to 500 copies. In Europe Fossil Dungeon products are available from Dark Vinyl/Going Underground and in the USA from the label itself of Middle Pilar.