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Hau Ruck!

Dernière Volonté * Devant Le Miroir (cd 2006 hau ruck!)

In my opinion the term “military pop” mostly refers to this French act. Catchy music with a military touch. This new album was eagerly awaited and three years after the last real cd (between those two compilations with old material), finally here it is. The first time I listened to “Devant le Miroir”, I was a bit surprised. I expected a poppy sound, maybe even more than on “Les Blessures de l’Ombre”, but this new album is on the edge of ‘cheesyness’ at times. A few plays further I got a bit used to the Christmas bells and 80’ies music lines and the album proves to be another nice one. I don’t think that this new cd is better than “Les Blessures…”, but it sure aint a bad one either.

Dernière Volonté * Les Blessures de l’Ombre (cd 2003 hau ruck!)

It has been three years since “Le Feu Sacré” appeared on the same label. A very nice soft and slightly militant industrial cd which I still play quite frequently. Since then there have been a few magnificent compilation contributions and a while ago I got to see this Frenchman live on stage in Belgium together with Un Défi d’Honneur (also reviewed). A lot of great new tracks which even prove not to be all on this 60 minute-cd! I suppose that there are also compilations with Dernière that I don’t have then…
Anyway, this cd is even more accessible than the debut. Softer songs, more catchy melodies, more singing. I am definately not disappointed! There are a few tracks that aren’t too good (and which sound a bit like the very early Der Blutharsch recordings), but most tracks are really superb.

Dernière Volonté/Novy Svet * El Continent!/Mon Mercenaire! (7″ 2002 hau ruck!)

I love DV. The “Le Feu Sacré” cd is wonderfull and the compilation contributions that came afterwards are even better. Novy Svet, well, I think they are funny here and there, but I don’t like their crazy music too much. But since I missed the first DV 7″ I didn’t want to miss this one too. This 7″ is not as much a split cd in the sense of one track per band, but two tracks recorded together. The result is a mix between the music of both bands that sounds pretty nice! Just try to imagine a mix between these two acts and decide whether you want to get this 7″. I like it quite a bit.

Dernière Volonté * Le Feu Sacré (cd 2000 hau ruck!)

After a double cassette and a 7” the French Dernière Volonté present their first full-length “The Sacred Fire”. This is the first release that I have of this band, so I can’t tell you anything about the previous releases.
The cd opens with a wonderfull “Ouverture” (a perfect title) and the next song is a very tranquil industrial track. Actually the whole cd is very tranquil and rather orchestral. Still there is a lot of rhythm which can be either (march) drumming or beats, but overall this reminds me a bit of Cold Meat Industry music, especially because there is also some dark ambient with choral samples.
If you like (dark) ambient and rhythmic tranquil industrial like some CMI cds or Apoptose and Tribe of Circle, you don’t have to doubt about getting your hands on this one.

Changes * Orphan In The Storm (cd 2004 hau ruck!)

Changes –as you probably know- were making what you can call “neofolk” decades before there was neofolk. I am not too crazy about the first album, but I have some compilation contributions which are surely great, so I decided to get the second album anyway. “Orphan In The Storm” is only 35 but most songs are very good and some new to me. A nice album. -14/9/06-

Dernière Volonté * Commemoration (2cd 2004 hau ruck!)

A nicely packed double cd with old and unreleased material of this great French act. The first cd starts with an old 7” on Hau Ruck! and this old material is surely not as good as the newer. Further you get other 7”’s, compilation tracks and unreleased material (but not the brilliant Der Blutharsch cover from “Fire Danger Season”). Most of the music comes quite close to ‘the Dernière standard’, which means: pretty good. Also you get to hear another side of Dernière, a more industrial side. About half of the tracks are the accessible soft melodic tracks with singing, but there is also harscher material to be heard. Two cds for the price of one makes this a good buy.