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Hau Ruck!

Tribe Of Circle * Children Of A Weakened God (cd 2006 hau ruck!)

Tribe Of Circle was there before the military sound reached the goth masses. The previous cds are from 2000 and 2001, so I wondered what the band thought to add to the scene five years later. ToC remained ToC with repetative slow industrial with a lot of samples, but obviously listened to the developing scene and added some of the bombast, drums, orchestrations and vocals to their sound. The result is a convicing album with good to great tracks and a very ‘modern sound’. I wonder if this album will resist the course of time. I also like the first two albums, but I hardly ever play them nowadays. <4/12/06><3>

Sorgeist * Les Roses Du Matin (7″ 2003 hau ruck!)

It is impossible to keep up with these Hau Ruck! releases. They are always very limited in number, sell extraordinary quick and are not available from many mailorders. It even seems that Ebay is the best way to get them. I got this one from Equilibrium Music.
It seems that many HR! releases are neofolkish things, so I was lucky that Sorgeist was a project that fell into my hands. Sturmovik like industrial which is pretty nice. Of course a luxery package and heavy vinyl. <30/8/03><4>

Sal Solaris * Outerpretation Of Dreams (cd 2001 hau ruck!/tesco)

Things are going rapidly with Hau Ruck! This is already the 19th release from this label and there are several more coming up soon. This cd is by the Russian project Sal Solaris that we know from the “Heilige Feuer” compilation (see elsewhere). Like I mentioned in the “L’Ame Electrique” review (also see elsewhere), not all Hau Ruck! releases are really my taste. I am not too crazy about His Divine Grace with the monotous soundscapes for example The same problem comes with “Outerpretation Of Dreams”. This cd is very monotous, minimal and has no atmosphere that I enjoy. Mostly you will hear soundscapes which I wouldn’t even call “ambient”, let alone “dark ambient”. Sometimes there are some industrial-like sounds, but there is nothing that Sal Solaris did to make me like this cd.
Maybe if you are interested in soundscapes, you should try this one.

Nový Svet * Cuori Di Petrolio (cd 2000 hau ruck!)

I don’t think Tesco had read my review of the debut cd of this band when they send me this cd. I don’t really like this first album. I did hear that the second cd was a bit more ‘serious’, but I don’t think I would have bought it myself.
But indeed, the second albums is a bit more serious than the first cd. There is more industrial, a bit of ambient, but most of the music is still the typical, silly music with the most dull vocals since TILT! But since the more industrial parts of the first cd sounded a lot better than the rest, this second cd is a big improvement. And actually the vocals start to sound more funny than just irritating, so do I grow used to them or do I start to see the joke?
Anyway, for those of you who don’t know the “Paccia a Paccia” cd, the music is tranquil and often rather silly folky, jazzy or whatever it is music, with very peculiar vocals. On the debut it sounded a bit like a drunken guy trying to sing, this time it’s the same kind of voice, but more ‘real’ singing. “Cuori Di Petrolio” contains a healthy amount of industrial sounds.
This is still not my favourite cd of all times, but I like it a lot better than the first cd and I guess it may be funny to play when you’re in a silly mood.
And a tip for those who are not familiar with this band yet, first try this one and if you think you can stand more sillyness, get the debut then. <10/11/00><2>

Nový Svet * Faccia a Faccia (cd 1999 hau ruck!/wkn)

A strange release of Albin Julius (better known as Der Blutharsch). I know Nový Svet, from Julius’ “Wo Die Wilde Kehrlen Wohnen” compilation 7″, where NS actually contributed the nicest track. The first time I listened to “Faccia a Faccia” I was quite irritated by the silly music on this disc. Now that I heard it a few times, it is quite funny in a way, but not something that I will play for enjoyment…
Try to imagine a group of people singing silly melodies in Spanish (?) as if they are totally drunk. With (traditional) instruments they produce even more silly melodies and once in a while you can hear some industrial or dark ambient tunes. The first 10 songs are fairly short and in this vein, the last track lasts for some 20 minutes and I think it is this track that makes people compare NS to Der Blutharsch. Not that I hear many similarities myself, but the last track is a bit more industrial of sound with churchbells and to me this is the best track of this cd by far. After a boring gap of nothing, the usual ghosttrack in the vein of the first 10 songs.
Conclusion? I guess only “love it or hate it” covers this silver disc. A second cd is announced for the end of this month, but I don’t think you will read about it in these pages.
This cd still says “World Serpent Distribution” by the way, but I think you better try Tesco! <9/9/00><2>

Novo Homo * In Some Brutal Way He Was An Artist (10″ 2000 hau ruck!/wkn)

After having heard a couple of Hau Ruck! releases, I could expect this one to sound rather strange as well. And indeed it does.
“In Some Brutal Way…” opens with a soundscape that goes over in a martial sound. It is slow and minimal. The second track is a minimal rhythmical track and the third track is more dance-like. Also a dance-like track at the beginning of face B and this track has some robot-voice in it as well. Then some minimal industrial sounds with marchdrums and the last track sounds a bit like an electro/dance track. For experimental purposes quite nice, but musically not too good.

Lucisferrato * Ingermanland (cd 2002 hau ruck!/tesco)

Hau Ruck! isn’t only probably the most active label from the scene (this is already HR!26), but also one of the more experimental. When the earlier releases had somewhat of a “Der Blutharsch sound”, Novy Svet proved that this was not the aim for Albin Julius’ label. Then some more folk-oriented bands were signed and dark ambient releases saw the light of day. Lucisferrato doesn’t fit into any forementioned catagory.
The openingtrack is some strange vocal-experimental soundscape, which I can also say about the second track. Further dark and monotous soundscapes, strange experiments and at the end some more industrial-like music.
I have listened to this cd several times before I wrote this review and I am still not sure what I think of it! Strange stuff!!

I-C-K * Les Hémorragies Nihilistes (cd 2001 hau ruck!/tesco)

If I am right this is the first cd of this French act after a tape and an lp. Now they are picked up by Herr Julius of Der Blutharsch who is pushing the boundaries of Hau Ruck!/WKN. I-C-K makes more old-style industrial, but quite minimalistic and not very heavy. It is said that previous releases are complete power electronics though. On “Les Hémorragies Nihilistes” you will hear fairly tranquil, mostly rhythmical industrial with samples, some noise-influences and here and there some more dark-ambient tunes. Not all tracks are equally good, but overall this is a pretty nice cd.

His Divine Grace * Reverse Aleph (cd 2001 hau ruck!)

This was quite an unexpected Hau Ruck release to me. Not only do I not recall having heard about its coming, neither does it sound much like a Hau Ruck cd. On the other hand, what would a Hau Ruck cd sound like, right?
Anyway, first I must warn you that there is a metalband called As Divine Grace, so don’t mix up these two acts. Second I can say that His Divine Grace produced a single-track cd of 66 minutes with a long, tranquil and dark soundscape.
I think that if you enjoy Endura’s “The Watcher” or a band like Die Wappen Des Todh or In Death’s Throes, that you will also enjoy this one.

Foresta Di Ferro * Bury Me Standing (cd 2003 hau ruck!)

A ‘stars-trio’ made an unexpected cd on Albin Julius’ label. The ‘iron forest’ make industrial, ambient and neofolk. The cd doesn’t open too well, but after the song “Oak Leaf” that sounds a lot like Strength Through Joy (Richard Leviathan does most of the vocals) things get better. Industrial tracks with lyrics of which one we can already find on the second Ostara cd. Not brilliant, but definately not bad. Fairly short though, 42 minutes. Oh, a very nice booklet by the way, however the covers suggests otherwise.