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Hati ‎* Zero Coma Zero + Recycled Magick Emissions (cd 2013)

Two hard-to-get releases of Hati on one cd. Both releases were made available in very limited editions in 2005. Hati has that ‘Zoharum sound’; weird ritualistic soundscapes with (mostly) real instruments (or ‘instruments’).
There is nothing much for me here, but if you like things like Z’ev, Soviet France or Nocturnal Emissions, this might be something to try. Or of course, when you love Hati (beware that there are more artists with the same name) and have been looking for these limited releases, know that you can finally get them.
Links: Hati, Zoharum

Z’ev & Hati * Heart Of A Wolf (2cd 2011)

I have known Z’ev for many years, but only by name. Zoharum released a cooperation with Hati (who are new to me) which you can get as a single cd, as a double cd (limited to 423 copies) and as a double cd with shirt (limited to 23 copies). The album contains a live recording from Torún, the second cd a live show from Gdansk, both from March 2011. My idea about Z’ev is (unfortunately) confirmed by this release. The music is monotous, ambient and ritualistic in the sense of using singing bowls and the like. There are a few parts with deep drones which are alright, but the more minimalistic parts are not my cup of tea. A reason to buy the 2cd version, by the way, is that they did not give the same show twice, so if you do like this kind of music…
Links: Z’ev, Hati, Zoharum