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Gustaf Hildebrand * Heliopause (cd 2012)

Other than I expected, Gustaf Hildebrand makes dark ambient soundscapes. “Heliopause” opens nicely dark, but starting with track 2 this could have been one of the softer releases of Jérôme Nougaillon. Very dark ambient with a similar use of echoing samples and a little bit of noise here and there. Waiting for new releases of Jérôme, highly welcomed!
Links: Gustaf Hildebrand, Cyclic Law

Peter Bjärgö & Gustaf Hildebrand * Out Of The Darkling Light, Into The Bright Shadow (cd 2012)

I do not think that I ever heard the music of Gustaf Hildebrand. For some reason I had the idea that he was a contemporary composer, such as Vladimír Hirsch. Not that this would be a reason to not listen to his music, but I guess I just never got to it. “Out Of The Darkling Light…” is nothing like a neoclassical cd, rather it contains soft dark ambient soundscapes with rhythms, ‘trance ambient’ perhaps, but more industrial in sound. The music is not particularly dark most of the time, more relaxing, but a few tracks remind of Bjärgö’s darker approach and these tracks have no rhythm either. “Out Of The Darkling Light…” is at least something else for a change. Not brilliant, but very interesting at times.
Links: Peter Bjärgö, Gustaf Hildebrand, Cyclic Law