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Genocide Organ

Genocide Organ * Obituary Of The Americas (cd 2016)

However I can enjoy some pretty extreme music, this German project is often too much for me. Their sound can be chaotic and extreme with high frequencies and little structure. GO also has darker tracks that I do like, but also among their more extreme material there are tracks that I like. The thing is, an album contains perhaps a few tracks that I like and a lot that I do not. Hence, GO albums are a bit of a risk to my ears.

27 Years after their first release (!) there comes an album that is perhaps GO, but maybe not too typical. “Obituary Of The Americas” has more of a wall-of-sound type of noise than their usual chaotic power electronics. Not that this album sounds like Ex.Order, but their style is more comparable that some GO tracks. Compared to other GO material, this new album is easy-listening. You still have to be able to be a musical masochist to enjoy this album though, so be warned! “Death industrial” is probably a good description. Anenzephalia but somewhat harscher.

A track like “I Don’t Wanna Die” is really my kind of noise. A static, pulsating sound, very extreme vocals, a wall of lower frequencies and a lot of samples. Also other tracks are pretty good, extreme, but not over my edge.

I like the ‘new’ sound of GO! It comes as a limited lp and an unlimited cd.

Links: Genocide Organ, Tesco Germany

Genocide Organ * Remember (2cd 2007 tesco)

I have never been very fond of this project. This classic power electronics project makes too much power electronics for me. An extreme sound with earcracking noises, screamed vocals and too little structure for my liking. I would have liked to see them in Antwerpen a few months back, but I could not go to the Luchtbal the second day of the festival. At that festival the “Remember” vinyl set and shirts were available, the 2cd followed a little later. I decided to get a copy, because I have known GO for about as long as they are around, but I didn’t have anything of them. Knowing their sound, I bought this cd more for archival reasons than to play. “Remember” is filled with live recordings from 1989 (when the band started) to 2000 and have been reworked by Jérôme Nougaillon (Propergol/Hermetique) for this release. Here and there you will find a more industrial and rhythmical track, but most of the cds are filled with the most brutal kind of music imaginable. Since the band is not only extreme in sound, but also in lyrics and artwork, there is a nice text of Richard Stevenson who tells a bit of art and provocation.
Like I said, if you (like me) don’t like brutal high-pitched noise, this album will be more for archival reasons, so that you can let your grand-children hear what extreme music sounded like around the year 2000 when you are already 80 yourself!
Links: Genocide Organ, Tesco