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Ewers Tonkunst

Reutoff / Der Blutharsch * Kreuzung 3 (cd 2008)

Kreuzung 3Apparently “Kreuzung” is a “Reutoff and friends” series. Now I am not a big fan of Reutoff, but I do like Der Blutharsch, so I decided to get one of the 700 special cardboard cover cds. The album is only half an hour one one of the two Der Blutharsch tracks is also on the recently released “Everything Is Alright“. Reutoff contributed some Der Blutharsch remixes which results in something like dark ambient, but also a very nice neofolk song. The result is not smashing, but not too bad either.
Links: Reutoff, Der Blutharsch

v/a * Iznutri (cd 2007 ewers tonkunst)

“Iznutri” is a Russian compilation “dedicated to the happy end of times”. It contains 16 bands in a variety of styles. Most tracks are ambient soundscapes, though, and too monotous too. For the rest you will hear some neofolk, industrial and more experimental things. However there are some ‘big names’ here (Cisfinitum, Allerseelen, Reutoff, Sal Solaris, Troum, Cyclotimia and O Paradis), the compilation is not good at all. There are only two alright tracks (O Paradis and Neutral, bands that I am usually not too fond of). For the rest, not for me…