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Angelic Foe ‎* Mother Of Abominations (cd 2015)

Angelic Foe is half of the late Arcana. I did not know Angelic Foe, but Annmari Thim and Cristian Ellingsen did release an album before. On Prikosovenie, which is fitting, because Thim’s singing remind of the “heavenly voices” type of music of times past. The vocals remind of sToa.

There are other comparisons for Angelic Foe. In the more tranquil moments the music reminds me of music released on the Hyperium label. There is also a lot of drumming which brings memories to In The Nursery. Arcana itself does not make a strange comparison either, but Angelic Foe is (even) more pompous. Speaking of Arcana, Peter Bjärgo mastered the album and Cecilia Bjärgo made the cover photo.

“Mother Of Abominations” is a nice album to jump back in time a little with bombastic, orchestral tunes with soprano vocals.

Links: Angelic Foe, Equilibrium Music

Arditi ‎* Imposing Elitism (cd 2014)

Eight albums Arditi released so far. This is only the third that I hear.

Arditi seems to grow towards the pompous martial industrial style with orchestrations and drumming, a bit like Puissance perhaps, but not that bombastic. “Imposing Elitism” reminds of a decade or so ago when many of these not too harsch, somewhat orchestrated “martial industrial” was very popular. Arditi does not bring anything new on this album, but when you miss the steady flow of similar releases, you could give this album a try.

Links: Arditi, Equilibrium Music

Leidungr ‎* De Nio Kraftsångerna (cd 2013)

Discogs.comEquilibrium Music sent a few promos, two recent and this album which is a bit older. I do not think that I heard of Leidungr before. This is a bit odd since it is a project of Henry “Puissance” “Arditi” Muller together with two other blokes. Moreover, Leidungr seems to try to pick a grain of the succes of Wardruna who are fairly popular, so I wonder how I could have missed a Wardruna-like project.

Like Wardruna, Leidungr makes “Nordic ritual folk”. They even use the deep vocals, the somewhat shamanic type of drumming and the stringed instruments (violins, but also the low instrument that Wardruna uses). Leidungr is not a Wardruna clone though. Some tracks have choir samples, other samples and Leidungr has more ‘modern’ influences. Some tracks indeed remind of Wardruna, others not at all, they more fit the bill of light-toned martial/orchestral music.

The nine power songs makes a fair album, one to try if you think Wardruna makes too few albums; and of course if you just like this type of music and/or think that Wardruna is too minimalistic.

Links: Leidungr, Equilibrium Music

Arditi * Omne Ensis Impera (cd 2008 equilibrium)

Omne Ensis ImperaI have not really followed Arditi. I remember that they sounded like Puissance when the name changed and however that might not be boring, it is not the kind of music that I listen to a lot. Actually expecting still a pompous orchestral industrial sound, I listened to “Omne Ensis Impera”, but the sound has gone much more in the neoclassical direction. Arditi still sounds quite bombastic at times, but nothing like the old days; the orchestral violence is replaced for well structured dark orchestral music. There may be drumming and marchdrums, but this does not sound like your average martial industrial project. “Omne Ensis Impera” might not be a masterpiece, but I am positively surprised by the new direction of Arditi and I will listen to this album a few times for before I make my final decision. For the moment I rate this album thus:

Links: Arditi, Equilibrium Music

Dwelling * Humana (cd 2003 equilibrium music)

Dwelling is a band from Portugal, the same country as the mail order and label Equilibrium Music. Dwelling makes tranquil and minimal folky music, reminding a bit of Algiz, but less gothic. The first fulllength lasts for only 38 minutes, but has nine songs which are quite nice. This one is for people who want to hear folky music, but not neofolk. <25/10/03><2>