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Dogpop * Bleierne Zeiten (lp 2013)

I was quite surprised to hear that Dogpop made another release, a 12″. Whereas on earlier cds the sound of Dogpop was somewhat humoristic ‘industrial disco’, this time the material seems more industrial. There are also tracks that certainly remind of earlier material as well though. As previously, the music of Dogpop is not brilliant, but certainly something different and very nice to play every now and then.
Link: Dogpop

v/a * 10 Years Of Transmission (cd 2010)

I got this wonderfull compilation when I bought the new Geneviéve Pasquier which is released on United Manipulation Broadcasting. It opens with a great and noisy version of Pasquier’s “Existance”, they way I like her. What follows next are mostly exclusive tracks or alternative versions of The Musick Wreckers (very nice), Tonal Y Nagual (including their apparently only good track), Thorofon and Dogpop. Then the sound gets more industrial noisy with Kommando and M.A.O. After this we go to the neofolk project Jägerblut which is not my thing. To close off we get a project that is new to me: Lambitani, a true UMB project with a weird combination of industrial and folk. A very nice compilation, especially when you get it for free! I guess that if you want a copy yourself, you should just order the new Pasquier directly from UMB.
Link: United Manipulation Broadcasting

Dogpop * Jahrmarkt Der Verlorenen Kinder (cd 2009)

Jahrmarkt Der Verlorenen KinderAfter a vinyl and a very limited cd, this is the first release that might bring Dogpop under the attention of a larger audience. DAF-like music, but with industrial roots and some other experimentation makes Dogpop a strange project in our scene. Slow disco beats, German vocals, strange sounds, silly humour. Two old tracks on this 55 minutes album that has the better tracks in the second half. The album is still “85% perfekt”, but indeed, it is getting better, so maybe the “100% perfekt” release will be the mindblower that I hope for. As for now, like the previous albums nice to play, but not “100% perfekt” yet.
Dogpop, UMB Kollektif

Dogpop * In God/Dog We Trust (cd 2007 umb)

Yesterday the first day of the Tesco Festival took place in Antwerpen with Ure Thrall, Dogpop and Galerie Schallschutz. Unfortunately I cannot go to see Genocide Organ, Janitor and Post Scriptvm tonight. I was interested to see Dogpop. Their “Popgod” debut 12″ may not be brilliant, but it surely is refreshing and interesting so I was curious what these industrial veterans would do on stage. Well, the LP contains strange experiments with a sound somewhere between old synthpop/electro and industrial and maybe what some people like to call “antipop”. If you know Thorofon and Geneviéve Pasquier, you might be able to get an idea of the sound. What was most remarkable yesterday, was that the sound is much more (back to) industrial with almost noise tracks even. Also there were silly tunes. Maybe for their tour, Dogpop released a “live without band” cd, limited to 100 copies with 11 years of material (!!). I don’t know if this cd is only sold at concerts. Also on this cd, the sound differs a bit from the LP, but of course the music remains that weird Dogpop sound with dance, acid, synthypop, etc. sounds and industrial, ambient and a bit of noise, all in all: Dogpop. Very nice and interesting enough to keep an eye on.
Links: Dogpop, UMB Kollektiv