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Dissecting Table

Dissecting Table * Memories (cd 2000 triumvirate)

HELL YES!! Extreme-teknoid-metal-power-electronics from Japan!! I knew this band made a lot of noise, but I had only one darkambient tracks of theirs. “Memories” is the most extreme electronic rage that has come to my collection for a while. From chaotic noise eruptions to ‘noise death metal’ and teknoid (cuts and clicks?) insanity and all with very distorted vocals. Very nice, and on older cd is reviewed below. <12/1/04><3>

Dissecting Table * Power Out Of Control (cd 1998 triumvirate)

This is an older more teknoid cd by Ichori Tsuji from Hiroshima. He slowly lets you get used to his insanity, with a relatively tranquil opener. After about four minutes the (sampled?) guitars come in, but it is only in track two that things get harder. In the more tranquil parts DT reminds a bit of Mental Destruction, partly because of the same kind of vocals. Overal this cd is much less extreme than “Memories”, but still fairly hard. There are also metal-influences here, but more techno.