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Deutsch Nepal

Deutsch Nepal * Amygdala (cd 2011)

When roled into the industrial scene, Deutsch Nepal had just released his first cd, “Benevolence”, 1993 Cold Meat Industry. I have some of his rarer releases, saw him live several times, but eventually stopped closely following Deutsch Nepal (and his main label). Curious what “the truely alcoholic” would sound like in 2011 I found myself “Amygdala”. The latest effort opens with a nice Deutsch Nepal track with singing. I usually like “Der Generalstab” best when he sings (on an album at least). The second track is pretty noisy for Deutsch Nepal and brings memories to his (to me) most interesting live performance on the Eurorock Festival in Belgium in a year that I no longer remember. There are some other enjoyable singing tracks here, but also the usual sound-collage-soundscape-things which are not utterly boring, but I think I have enough of those by now. Looking through the back catalogue “Amygdala” could well be one of the more interesting albums. Time will tell.
Deutsch Nepal, Autarkeia

Deutsch Nepal * Erosion (cd 1999 staalplaat)

I was pleased to hear that there was finally a new cd of Deutsch Nepal. A bit strange that is wasn’t ‘just’ released by Cold Meat Industry though. Anyhow, Staalplaat released more cds of CMI-bands so this is not entirely strange.
Well, the first track isn’t too good. The second track is a brillant piece Lina Baby Doll’s dark industrial/ambient. After that it’s more like ‘old-fashioned’ industrial. Some tracks are extremely boring, others are pretty good. Makes this cd under-average, but not so bad that I must tell you not to buy it. Only thing I can say is: don’t have too high expectations of Lina’s latest attempt.

Der Blutharsch/Deutsch Nepal * Apocalyptic Climax (10″ 1999 wkn)

Der Blutharsch is rapidly becoming very popular. The male half of The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud does make a nice piece of industrial. This 10″ is mostly influenced by the Deutsch Nepal sounds though and will not be a good introduction to Der Blutharsch. If you’re looking for orchestral and militant industrial you better look for the Der Blutharsch cd.
This 10″ will be hard to get for the fans of either or both bands, because it’s limited to 404 copies. Order your one quickly WKN
I don’t know the price, but WKN products are really expensive…