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Desiderii Marginis

Desiderii Marginis * Procession (cd 2012)

Desiderii Marginis joined the ranks of Cold Meat when the label had already become a hype. To me, they have never been able to catch up with the projects of old when dark ambient was still new and exiting. The 2001 album “Deadbeat” was somewhat interesting since Desiderii Marginis experimented a bit with beats. I have lost sight of the project for the most part since. Apparently they still released a couple of things and ended up on Cyclic Law together with other former label mates. “Procession” does not bring much new. The dark ambient is a bit softer and certainly more minimalistic, perhaps even soundscapish and somewhat monotone for my ears. A new element are soft melodies that may come from real instruments such as flutes and violins and these are the things that makes this album more interesting. When you like your ambient not too dark and with some melody as well, “Procession” may be an album you want to try.
Links: Desiderii Marginis, Cyclic Law

Desiderii Marginis * Dead Beat (cd 2001 cold meat industry)

Desiderii’s first album “Songs Over Ruins” (cold meat 1997) was a classic Cold Meat release, both regarding music (dark ambient) and lay-out. Four years later the second Desiderii cd again reminds of Cold Meat of days past, but this time the music isn’t too typical and has some nice touches to it. There is more industrial, a bit of noise and atmospheric influences, making “Dead Beat” an enjoyable album to listen to. The length is a bit short (50 minutes) and the last track isn’t too good, but overall I think this is a pretty descent cd.