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Der Feuerkreiner

Der Feuerkreiner * Unsere Zeit (cd 2008 neuropa)

Unsere ZeitAccording to the label this album “is easily one of the most anticipated records in the neofolk underground scene”. Well, Der Feuerkreiner is a nice band that mixes different kinds of music to their own style, doing that well too, but the selling-line is a little overdone in my opinion. The releases that I already have are very enjoyable, but I do not play them too often. “Unsere Zeit” brings no news in the style of this Italian band. Female vocals sometimes making almost “heavenly voices” music in combination with soft orchestrations, to follow by some harsch and distorted industrial with clear sounds, lots of drumming and bombast. Listening to the new album, the style seems to have been polished a bit and comes out better than before making “Unsere Zeit” a good new album, but without surprises.
Links: Der Feuerkreiner, Neuropa Records

A Challenge Of Honour / Der Feuerkreiner * Iberia 2007 (cd 2007 dagaz music)

I used to follow ACOH quite fanatically, but recently I miss most of Peter’s releases. What I do hear does not always sound too great. Of Der Feuerkreiner I have the first “La ‘Nvidia” vinyl and the first cd. It is a nice band with an original sound and some nice tracks here and there. When I saw this split I decided to get it and find out what these two projects are upto nowadays. ACOH opens with a statement against the occupation of Tibet (very good) and continues with “Arabian Tradition”, a rather easy-to-listen track. The next track comes from the “Verdun 1916” album which I don’t have and has the older ACOH sound with orchestral samples and a slightly military touch. The next track comes from “Monuments” which I do have, but I don’t recognise the track. It is also more accessible, but quite minimalistic and not too good.
Der Feuerkreiner contributed three tracks, the first of which is called “Dioniso”, a melodic and orchestral piece with a nice rhythm and a nice sound. “Moderne Landschaft” is more of an industrial track and was recorded live in Bologna. The sound and the track are not too good. The last track of this album is another live version of “Nein!”, but a much lesser version than the one on the “Ny Regret…” online compilation.
Besides a few nice tracks, this 30 minutes cd is quite disappointing…
Links: A Challenge Of Honour, Der Feuerkreiner, Dagaz Music

Der Feuerkreiner * La ‘Nvidia (12″ 2004 neuropa records)

Neuropa is a relatively new label from Belgium. This 12″ is already their 8th release though. However the bandname is German (and I haven’t been able to find out what it means!), Der Feuerkreiner comes from Italy. This 12″ has four tracks. Side A opens with a very nice piece in a ‘forgotten style’: heavenly voices, but then with quite a bit of drumming. Side B opens with the title track which is a traditional folksong, but the twist Der Feuerkreiner gave to it, will please anyone who likes Gae Bolg; the track is very bombastic with a lot of drumming, yet folky. Then we have two “Mondendinge”n which are a bit too monotous ambient-like tracks. Especially in two tracks a very nice and original band.

Der Feuerkreiner * s/t (cd 2002 misty circles / runes & men)

I have the “La ‘Nvidia” 12″, but I didn’t have this album. The 12″ of this stubborn Italian band is nice and so is this album. The music goes from orchestral tunes, to folky music, ambient, industrial and military sounds. Finally an original band. I don’t know why I missed most of the releases of this band, but maybe this cd was already sold out before I got to know them through the 12″. Also everything they released is very limited. I think I will try to find a copy of this cd, but I am very glad that I can at least listen to it now! <12/1/07><4>u