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Der Blutharsch

Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand ‎* Sucht & Ordnung (2016)

Continuing on the psychedelic path, Der Blutharsch, etc. comes with an album with only three tracks, one of 8, one of 7 and one of 14 minutes.

The music is largely instrumental, slow and psychedelic, but on a few occasions there are metal-like eruptions and singing by Marthynna and less frequently Herr Julius.

Like with most Infinite Church albums I find “Such & Ordnung” alright, but not great. Good to listen to a couple of times, but not much more than that.

Links: Der Blutharsch / WKN

Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand * The End Of The Beginning (cd 2012)

Well, the new cd does sound somewhat different from what I expected. The album did not become slower and more sleasy, but the music actually sped up somewhat and become more psychedelic rock than psychedelic doom. The tempo is about that of the good days with Bain Wolfkind, but the sound is more that of the later releases with simple organ playing, stretched guitars and a bit of psychedelica. Of course there is a range of guest musicians and singers. “The End Of The Beginning” is, like all of the latest releases, nice, but not great. The length did improve, by the way, almost an hour this time.
Link: Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand/WKN

Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand * The Beginning And The End (7″ 2012)

This 7″ was released for the 2012 tour and is undoubtely highly limited, etc. Previous tour-singles prove to be available for quite a while and from different sources. Apparantly Herr Julius’ releases are not (always) as popular as they used to be these days. When you have heard the latest cd, this 7″ will come with no surprises. With the church added, Der Blutharsch makes dirty and slow psychedelic rock and that is exactly what you hear on this 7″. Nice, but since Der Blutharsch moved to the rock sound, I must say that they become more interesting live and less interesting in the living room, but I am certainly not against the new directions of Julius’ musical outlet.
Link: Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand/WKN

Der Blutharsch & The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand * The Story About The Digging Of The Hole And The Hearing Of The Sounds From Hell (cd 2012)

The package alone is a reason to buy this new album of the reformed Der Blutharsch. Great artwork in embedded gold on a black digipack and a booklet in the same style, nicely psychedelic, well accompanying the music. And about that music, it remained in line of the previous cooperations with White Hills and Aluk Tolodo, so what you can expect is slow psychedelic rock with organs. Not really surprising anymore when you keep up with Herr Julius and friends. Perhaps it is time to reinvent Der Blutharsch again? In any case, this new album is not bad or boring, but not great either, nice as background music. More amusing is the new website though, check it out by clicking on the link below.
Link: Der Blutharsch ATICOTLH, WKN

Der Blutharsch And The Infinite Church Of The Leading Hand / Aluk Todolo * s/t (cd 2011)

This release was first made available as a 12″, but by the time I decided to buy it, the vinyl version was sold out and a cd version available. In line with previous Der Blutharsch releases (and cooperations) what we have here is a dirty, slow (mostly) instrumental rock album. How should I describe it? Stoner, sludge, Krautrock? When you have heard the latest attempts of Herr Julius, this new album will not come as a total surprise. A slow-paced album in the beginning, more midtempo halfway and some minor rock-eruptions towards the end. Perhaps not entirely my kind of music, but I like the fact that Julius just keeps doing his own thing.
Links: Der Blutharsch/WKN, Aluk Todolo

Der Blutharsch * Live In Leiden (cd 2010)

At the height of the fascist-musicians-hunt, Der Blutharsch came to the Dutch city of Leiden in September 2004. Of course the at that time usual raids of protests arose, but the major did see no reason to justify a prohibition and the show continued. The whole event became national news, especially when some of the local politicians said to go and see the show and Albin provocatively answered insinuating questions during the interview. There were no protestants outside the venue, but visitors were checked for ‘forbidden symbolism’. People had to deposit their iron crosses, while being the bandlogo at the time, they featured meters-high on each side of the stage. In the end everything was pretty much ‘a storm in a glass or water’ as we say here in the Netherlands. The politicians found the show tasteless, but not illegal.
Almost six years later, Albin decided to release recordings of the show, possibly for the old fans who are not happy with the new sound, as a reminder of people who were there or maybe as a bit of provocation, because the provocation ebbed away in recent years. The sound of the recordings is much better than I expected. The music is of course the martial industrial style with out of tone singing. I am not too fond of live recordings, usually studio recordings sound a lot better, but “Live In Leiden” is indeed a nice reminder.
Link: Der Blutharsch, WKN

Der Blutharsch / White Hills (7″ 2010)

The NY progrock band White Hills is currently extensively touring Europe. I must say that their Myspace tracks sound better than their track here which reminds quite a bit of Der Blutharsch’s current style. Der Blutharsch’s own track is a long stretched tone with some singing, “prog”, but not very “rock”. The White Hills track is the better one, but they do have better tracks.
Links: Der Blutharsch / WKN, White Hills

Der Blutharsch * 2009 tour 7″

2009Stupid me. I saw Der Blutharsch twice during their last tour, but I did not buy this single because I was not sure I did not have it… Fortunately copies have ended up at a couple of distros so you can still get it. Not that you should buy it for the music though. The fairly discoish track with Jeffrey D. is no masterpiece, but I try to keep up with the band’s releases a bit.
Link: Der Blutharsch / WKN

Der Blutharsch * Flying High! (cd 2009)

Flying High!A fortunate coincidence made that I saw Der Blutharsch live twice in the last week. They would play at a festival in Tilburg for which I bought tickets months ago. When me and my girlfriend had to book our holiday we had to mind to be back yesterday for the festival so we went the week before. Then I noticed that three of the bands in Tilburg would play in København on Wednesday and since a concert in another country is probably something different, we went there to see the alright show of Bain Wolfkind, the not too good and very short show of Deutsch Nepal and the very nice performance of Der Blutharsch in The Rock with about 50 other people. Yesterday during the Incubate festival the set of three played in the Hall Of Fame with a bit more audience and a much bigger place. Friends who expected the old style of Der Blutharsch were disappointed, one found the performance tame and save and however I liked the show, I remember the København show more lively, but that may have been because of the much more lively audience there. Der Blutharsch mostly did new versions of old tracks again and most tracks were pretty heavy but rather slow rock songs. I suppose that spelled the style on the new album, but I wonder why they did not just play new songs. “Flying High!” was announced to be more “psychedelic” and that is true. The catchy rocksongs of the last albums have been replaced by a slower sound, sometimes a bit of progrock soundscapes, sometimes the sleasy Bain Wolfkind rocksong style. “Flying High!” is not a new masterpiece. I like the fact that the band keeps developing in style and it is only a matter of time before this goes into a direction that I do not like, but the new album is a nice one for background moody poprock music. And for people who saw Der Blutharsch on stage, the music on the last albums, especially “Flying High!”, is by far not as loud as the rock-performances the band gives. There is less guitar, several different (guest) vocalists, no drumkit, but more different instruments than that are brought on stage. Indeed, Der Blutharsch does not sound the way they used to, but I personally find that a good thing. I play the rock albums more often than the martial predecessors and I may or may not get more used to “Flying High!”, but the time of “Kampf, Sieg oder Tod!” are behind us, just get used to the idea and see if you like the new direction of the band.
Link: Der Blutharsch / WKN

Der Blutharsch * Our Survival Depends On Us (7″ 2009)

I Will Not ObeyThe latest effort of Der Blutharsch is not a very good one. Their track is instrumental and not very interesting and what is worse, the other band is some kind of boring metal/rock thing (“sludge doom” in their own words) with an awfull track. I guess the text on the single itself (“I Will Not Obey”) means that Herr Julius just keeps doing what he wants. I suppose I cannot always like it. The package is nice though.
Links: Der Blutharsch/WKN, Our Survival Depends On Us