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Coph Nia

Coph Nia * The Dark Illuminati (cd 2007 cold meat industry)

Hm, is the new Coph Nia a new album? “A celestrial tragedy in two acts”, the cover says. The first act is a 15 minute dark ambient soundscape that is not too appealing, but just when things get going (noisy), it suddenly ends (after the title “The end” perhaps). Then we mostly get a collection of covers and new versions of old songs, starting with “The new oath”, then comes “Fire” (“I am the god of hellfire, and I bring you; fire”, just like The Prodigy), “Sympathy For The Devil (Rolling Stones, earlier covered by Laibach), “Drinking to the angel of the east”, which sounds awfully familiar, “Religion”, a Front 242 that he also plays live. Two tracks that I didn’t mention yet are “Credo V” and “Hymn to Lucifer”. The album doesn’t convince me at all, just separate tracks of a not too high quality. Too bad, because the previous works are very good.
links: Coph Nia, Cold Meat Industry

Coph Nia / Mindspawn * Erotomechaniks (cd 2005 punch records)

I found out about this cd when the great American band Luftwaffe released a cd on the Italian Punch Records. “Erotomechaniks” is great cooperation between the famous Coph Nia and the (to me) unknown Mindspawn. Don’t expect too much Coph Nia influences, there are no vocals or pianos. What you do get is very dark industrial ambient, compare it to Megaptera or Têhom if you like. Normally I use the term “monotous” with a slightly negative undertone, in this case the music may be monotous, but not boring. A very nice split cd! <24/8/05><4>

Coph Nia * Shape Shifter (cd 2003 cold meat industry)

The brilliant debut of this project came to us in early 2000 and almost two years later an also very good mcd (late 2001) was made available. It was a long wait for the new cd of this project which I currently consider the most interesting industrial act on CMI. “Shape Shifter” may not be quite as good as “That Which Remains”, but is still pretty damn good. Again fairly dark and evil, but with more vocals (spoken, sung and samples). Also a nice amount of deep drones. No bombastic “Holy War” unfortunately, but definately a cd that will find it’s way to my cd-player quite often, like the debut of 3 years ago still does.

Coph Nia * That Which Remains (cd 2000 cold meat industry)

A new star on the CMI horizon. As we are used from CMI not a bad star either. The typical CMI sound (atmosperhic dark ambient), the typical CMI level (very good) and what also seems to become typical for CMI a not too smashing lay-out. I wonder why the latest CMI releases look so simple. But it is about the music after all, eh?
What makes Coph Nia different from other CMI bands is the use of vocals (spoken) which are used quite a lot. Further you will hear the usual drones, gregorian (?) samples, and a few beats here and there. Also female vocals and a ‘folky’/atmospheric sixth track that is rather out of style. But… eight tracks of which most long making a cd of over an hour which is very enjoyable.

Coph Nia * Holy War (mcd 2001 cold meat industry)

I still play the debut cd “That Which Remains” quite often and I like it a lot. Now we get a mcd in a simple but well-done digipack. A disc containing 4 tracks (or 7 if you are lucky), beginning with a short piece of dark ambient and followed by a magnificent heavy piece with fierce drumming and shouting about holy wars. The third track is a long dark ambient piece and the last track is a bit ritualistic of style. All in all again a good piece of music from Coph Nia.