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Combative Alignment

Combative Alignment * A Broken Union (cd 2007 avatar records)

When I bought the “The Ritez Of Higher Communication” lp (2003) I was quite impressed by the minimalistic ritual ambient of this project. Later I bought the “…And Outside Glows The Red Dawn” cd (2005), which sounds quite the same; nice but nothing really special. The same I can say about this new album. Ritual soundscapes that are minimalistic and monotous. Maybe the sound becomes even more minimalistic with every new album, because “A Broken Union” seems to appeal to me even less than the other albums that I have…

Combative Alignment * …And Outside Glows The Red Dawn (cd 2005 malignant records)

Many years ago I got the 12″ “Ritez Of Higher Communication”. The review of it seems to have gotten lost with me messing around with the new reviews and the archive (…). When I heard about this cd I noticed that I have missed a 7″ and another 12″. Also there seems to be another version of this cd with a bonus cdr. Anyway, Combative Alignment makes very dark ritualistic ambient. The 12″ that I have is very enjoyable, this cd is too. Not brilliant or very original, but descent dark and haunting soundscapes going on for about 45 minutes.