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Cold Meat Industry

Arcana * Inner Pale Sun (cd 2002 cold meat industry)

However I like Arcana, my reviews of the previous albums are not that positive. The music is beautiful but more of the same on newer albums. I actually wasn’t planning on getting this album, but mr Pettersson wanted me to review it anyhow, so a copy fell into my mailbox.
“Inner Pale Sun” has quite an ‘Arcana-length’: 38 min. It opens with quite an Arcana-track: bombastic, orchestral music with drumming and singing without lyrics. The second track is promising though, very tranquil and with very nice male vocals. This actually goes for more tracks as well. mr Pettersson has a very nice voice when he really sings and the music is still Arcana, but not so typical. I even seem to hear some real instruments (cello) in track 6, which track is a beauty in general. The last two tracks are nice but nothing special.
Indeed better than the last albums in different views.

Arcana * …The Last Embrace (cd 2000 cold meat industry)

Here we have the new cd of Arcana and …well… it’s just a new cd of Arcana.
In 1996 this Swedish act debuted on the CMI label with a stunning debut. This was after highly acclaimed contributions to the CMI-sampler “…And Even The Wolves” from 95 and the 2×7″ compilation “The Heart Of Shadow Gods” on the same label. The “Dark Age Of Reason” cd contains totally awsome orchestral music, with marchdrums, bells and chanting. Soon Arcana was one of the most popular bands on the CMI-label. After the debut came two mcds and a fulllength that sounded exactly the same. Also contributions to new compilations didn’t bring anything new and now there is “…The Last Embrace”. Again orchestral music, marchdrums, bells and chanting totally bombastic and beautiful music, but exactly the same as before. When you never heard Arcana you will be amazed by their music, but if you followed them for the past four years, you can say nothing more than “it is a new Arcana”. No points for originality. Arcana became of copy of themselves…

Arcana * Isabel (mcd 1999 cold meat industry)

Just like the previous album-taster “Lisabeth” this mcd is limited to 3000 copies. There is a good part and a bad part about “Isabel”. The bad part is that it is pretty expensive. There are three songs and this mcd lasts as long as 8 minutes. The good part is that the songs are much better than those on the last album “Cantar De Procella” from 1997. The music did not change that much, but there are texts again instead of just chanting. One track is instrumental, another has male vocals and the last song female vocals. The first song is exclusive, the other two will also appear on the forthcoming album. This actually makes “Isabel” even more expensive. Only the the real fans then?

Coph Nia * Holy War (mcd 2001 cold meat industry)

I still play the debut cd “That Which Remains” quite often and I like it a lot. Now we get a mcd in a simple but well-done digipack. A disc containing 4 tracks (or 7 if you are lucky), beginning with a short piece of dark ambient and followed by a magnificent heavy piece with fierce drumming and shouting about holy wars. The third track is a long dark ambient piece and the last track is a bit ritualistic of style. All in all again a good piece of music from Coph Nia.

Anenzephalia * s/t (cd 2001 death factory)

This isn’t the first band that I expected to release a cd on Cold Meat Industry, but obviously the world is not entirely forsaken of wonders. This untitled cd contains live recordings from september 1996 which are mastered by Peter Andersson and like the Blood Axis live cd put on cd without clapping, cheering and shouting of the audience. Those who know Anenzephalia will know what to expect: noise. Anenzephalia isn’t as extreme as many of their colleagues though. Maybe “sophisticated noise” is a good description for this music. You will hear the usual high frequencies, distorted sounds and samples, but not as a massive attack of noise. The most extreme element in the music on this cd are distorted screamed vocals.
Anyway, this untitled live cd is pretty good since the back-catalogue of this band is hard or no longer available, this is an easy way to get some Anenzephalia.