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Cold Meat Industry

Raison D’Être * The Empty Hollow Unfolds (cd 2000 cold meat industry)

Here we have the sixth real cd of this ancient CMI-act. Further there have been rework cds and a whole bunch of tapes. Anyway, people who like Raison D’Être will not be surprised when they buy “The Empty Hollow…”, since it contains the usual Raison D’Être ingredients: dark drones, stretched up and slowed down samples (gregorian chants and violin) and the usual atmospheric melodies. Yet still it is done really well and and I can that “The Empty Hollow…” is nothing less than a new masterpiece from the mind of Peter Andersson. What more is there to say?

Peter Andersson * Perception Multiplied, Multiplicity Unified (cd 2001 cold meat industry)

“The manifold of Peter Andersson” says the cover of the beautiful discboxslider. This is some introductionary cd to Peter Andersson who most of you will know for being Raison D’Être. I knew Peter had a whole bunch of other projects. Of some I had only heard, of others I have most or all releases. All projects are brought together on this cd. The best part is that all tracks are (fairly) recently recorded and so far unreleased. You will get 58 minutes for 9 tracks opening with a good and heavy industrial/noise track of Stratvm Terror. Next up is Peter’s most famous musical outlet itself with nice track. Then follows a very ambient track of Atomine Elektrine which is usually more a trance/dance like project; I don’t like this track too much. Next up is Cataclyst, which was a one time event split-act with the female half of Institut, an atmospheric track whereas it used to be more industrial. More noise under the monicker Panzar and then another more well-known name being Necrophorus; on the cds this is very tranquil and minimal ambient and so it sounds on “Perception Multiplied…”. Then a project that I hadn’t heard off until now; “Bocksholm” is a collaboration with the other Peter Andersson that has been releasing his material on CMI and who grew up in the same city (better known as Lina Baby Doll) and is a noisy piece of industrial. Then Svasti-Ayanam is up with a not so rhythmical/tribal track as in days gone by. The last project is Peter’s oldest project called “Grismannen” which is a strange sounding track.
Overall inspite of all different projects and often different kinds of music, quite a nice cd and peak into the mind of one of the best known and oldest CMI artist.

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio * Apocalips (cd 2006 cold meat industry)

I wasn’t sure if I had to get this album. ORE is good, but their albums are usually quite the same. Also the songs from the band’s Myspace site weren’t too promising: more ORE. I am glad that I got to hear the album afterall though! “Apocalips” is more poppy, more militant, more bombastic and more industrial. More trendy I might say, but these elements that were already part of the sound, but which are now enlarged, surely did good. I particularly like the more industrial/noisy edges in a couple of songs. The sound is still very ORE, but a bit different, as if the band reinvented itself. Better? Hmmm, “Apocalips” is surely one of the better albums, but the best maybe not. Still an album that both ORE fans and lovers of a more military pop sound should get their hands on.

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio / Spiritual Front * Satyriasis (cd 2005 cold meat industry)

On first sight these are not the first bands that I think about for releasing a split cd. On second hand, why not? Both bands make their own style of ‘neofolk’ (by lack of a better word), like ‘musical jokes’, make repetitive music and have something with sex. So the two bands decided to make a split cd. “Satyriasis” is only 35 minutes, the first and the last tracks are cooperations between the bands, the rest are tracks by the two bands alone. Not all new, but the styles of the bands go well together and this cd is certainly very enjoyable.

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio * Cocktails, Carnage Crucifixion and Pornography, Love Will Change The World? (cd 2003 cold meat industry)

I can’t follow it (but then again, I’m probably not on the internet enough). Wasn’t ORE supposed to end after a luxerous box with 7″‘s that still hasn’t been released? Probably not, because this seems like a normal cd to me. Just for the better then and on to the music.
“C.C.C.P.” is an ORE cd, nothing more nothing less. Very nice neofolkish songs alternated with more bombastic tracks. Everything very repetative but well-done. Of course sexual influences and lyrics. A new element are seemingly real instruments (cello, flute) and of course the fact that the cd comes in a digipack. Anyway, what can I say? It’s good, not as bombastic as the Love And Wars, but still very nice.

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio * Make Love, And War – the wedlock of equilibrium (cd 2001 cold meat industry)

A mirror cd to the previous “Make Love, And War – the wedlock of roses” that was released a few months back. “The Wedlock Of Equilibrium” has a similar lay-out, length (38 minutes) and musical style, but the latter with a bit more drumming and acoustic guitars. This cd is fairly tranquil and in my opinion not as good as the previous cd, but still fairly nice. The intro and outro are the same and both cds are together also available as a double lp with the title “Make Love, And War – the wedlock of roses & equilibrium” which comes in a limited edition of course.

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio * Make Love And War (A Wedlock Of Roses) (cd 2000 cold meat industry)

Finally I have it, the new Ordo. As most of you know there have been quite some problems with this release. First Chelsea left the band bisecting the former duo. Chelsea is replaced by another female counterpart in the form of Rosemary, but she doesn’t do any vocals on this cd. Later the cd was withdrawn for reasons I still don’t know, but fortunately Ordo did perform on the Eurorock festival in Belgium last summer and also played new songs. This proved that the withdrawal was more a postphonement than a real withdrawal. And after a long wait, half way november was the time, at last.
After a funny but rather long intro a couple of totally brilliant tracks can be heard. Regarding the style Ordo didn’t change very much. The music is still quite simple, repetative and with spoken vocals. In most cases I am no fond of repetative music, but somehow Ordo manages to turn this fact into a grand benefit. You can hear the usual soft industrial and neo-folk songs with Tomas well known vocals. The cd closes off with a rather long outro and overall the cd is too short. The 35 minutes of music that we get is magnificent though.

MZ.412 * Domine Rex Inferum (cd 2002 cold meat industry)

However I found several MZ tracks brilliant, I never bought any of their cds. The brilliant tracks are accompanied by boring ones making me decide not to purchase any cd so far. I do have tracks from various albums, from their mp3-page, so I have not been quite ‘MZ-less’. I heard this new cd is more dark industrial and less noise, so I wanted to give it a try anyhow. I listened to it in a recordstore, decided to buy it, but coming home I noticed that there are only three tracks on this cd. Quite good, nothing said about that, but the second is a very long industrial soundscape. Anyway, low frequencies this time, so watch out when you like MZ for their noise-tracks. Personally I prefer the low frequencies in noise anyway, so I am not disappointed by this disc.

Megaptera * Beyond The Massive Darkness (2cd 2001 cold meat industry)

However Megaptera has always been close to the Karmanik family, this is only the second release on this label. According to the text in the digipack, this is a goodbye cd, I think this trio thought 10 years of existence enough.
“Beyond Massive Darkness” comes in a digipack similar to “The Absolute Supper” compilation of CMI and contains the 1992 LP “Songs From The Massive Darkness” and a remix of the first cd “Beyond The Shadow”, which is of 1994. Cd I is Megaptera how I like them best: extremely dark, deep drones, heavy beats, lots of samples; in short, an excellent piece of dark industrial/ambient.
Cd II is more in the dark soundscape vein that Megaptera also presented more often. I think it is okay, but not the style that I prefer.
Anyway, for the price of little over that for one cd, you get a 74 minute and a 44 minute cd and if you don’t already own the two mentioned releases, this is quite a good investment.

Letum * The Entrance To Salvation (cd 2001 cold meat industry)

Letum is CMI’s 2001 new act as they traditionally introduce at least one new band on the main label each year. Letum has the typical CMI-sound: atmospheric dark ambient. The cd opens with some very nice and fairly dark ambient, but the rest of the tracks are quite minimal and atmospheric and not too good. Also Letum reminds to Raison D’Être quite a bit which can either or not be caused by Peter Andersson having mastered the cd. I think that this cd is only for the unrependant CMI fans.