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Cold Meat Industry

Brighter Death Now – Everything Is Gonna Be Alright (2022)

More BDN and he is touring too. Roger Karmanik appears to have an artistic upliving. “Everything…” comes as a 10″, listed as “CMI-03”, but available from Tesco. It does not appear to be a rerelease.

The first track is a throbbing piece of industrial. Not as harsh as BDN can get. A good track. The next track is more noisy, but again relatively tranquil. The same can be said about number three, but this is more industrial than the previous track and reminds a bit of Karmaniks older (Lille Roger) material.

Then comes the absolute highlight of this release. “Love Hard” has a bit of a Thorofon approach. A somewhat ‘rhythmic noise’ rhythm with vocals of an artist I was not familiar with: Åsa Tedebro. She looks pretty classically goth on her Discogs page and appears to be a guest singer every now and then, but not an artist (or band) of her own. Her dramatic vocals go perfectly well with the background noise that intensifies and calms down again. It appears that the Swedish electropunk band Isotope Soap (that I also think I was not familiar with) have something to do with this track. It is a great track.

Links: Brighter Death Now, Tesco

Khost – Buried Steel (2020)

Every once in a while I feel like playing “funeral doom metal”. Yet slower and darker than much doom. I prefer the music to be without vocals (and with electronics), but there are a few bands whose vocals are good enough.

I was somewhat surprised when I found two such bands on the not-exactly-a-metal-label Cold Spring, Sutekh Hexen and Khost. Khost have made a few excellent albums, very dark, very slow. And here is their latest.

“Buried Steel” opens with more of a Godflesh-type industrial metal track, slow, but not as slow as Khost can get. A good track though. The second track is like that too. Then comes the magnificent track “Intravenar” with a slow techno beat, extremely low vocals and minimalist background sounds. The next few tracks are more comparable to earlier material and “funeral doom” is a good description. Great tracks to. I like the long ‘sample tracks’ in between less so though.

As closer off there is a remix of “Intravenar” by Mothboy! Not a better version than the original, but an amusing reference to another kind of music.

A wonderful new album. I am not yet sure if previous albums are better, but the new album is slightly different.

Links: Khost, Cold Spring

TriORE * Three Hours (cd 2009)

Three HoursAs ORE keeps releasing new albums, my interest deminishes, the last Triarii album is a great album though and the “Roses For Rome” song that these two did together is very nice too. So what would an entire album of a combination of these two projects sound like? Besides the first and last track, it seems that ORE had a lot more influence on the sound as Triarii. The songs are tranquil, ORE-like and only on the background are some martial industrial or orchestral sounds. It is funny to hear the similarities of the sounds of both projects and “Three Hours” sounds better than ORE alone, but I would have like a bit more Triarii sound in here. I must say that like with Triarii the simple melodies start to work better after a few rounds in the player, so maybe this album will grow on me a bit more.
Links: Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Triarii, Cold Meat Industry, Eternal Soul Records

Eldar * Sapere Aude (cd 2009)

Sapere Aude“Martial dark ambient” is the best way of describing this CMI release I think. Soundscapes and ambient with drumming, marchdrums and deep beats, sometimes some orchestrations or a sample. Each track of this 70 minute album is recorded with another guest musician/group. “Sapere Aude” is not a bad album, but not particularly good or original either. I guess this might appeal to people who like Toroidh or similar projects. Personally I find it a bit too monotous, but especially the tracks without drumming are nicely dark.
Links: Eldar, Cold Met Industry

Raison d’Être * The Luminous Experience (2008)

The Luminous ExperienceI first thought that this was a new album, so I was a bit disappointed that “The Luminous Experience” sounds too much like Raison d’Être, but this is actually a live recording! More even, this was recorded in the Netherlands. I do not think I was there in Enschede, not sure how I missed it. The music reminds of a show that I did see in Antwerpen with a great film of ‘rotting boats’ on the background. Anyway, slow dark ambient soundscapes with industrial sounds and gregorian singing. Raison d’Être, do I need to say more?
Links: Raison d’Être, Cold Meat Industry

Atrium Carcari * Souyuan (cd 2008)

SouyuanCMI labeled this release as “dark ambient”, but Atrium Carcari is pushing the boundaries of that genre in that case. There are ambient parts, but Atrium Carcari has added ‘uncommon sounds’, rhythms and samples that makes this release sound different from your usual dark ambient release. In fact, this release is so ‘strange’ for a dark ambient release, that I do not even yet know if I really like it or not. It is refreshing for sure and it is always good when something new happens.
Links: Atrium Carcari, Cold Meat Industry

Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio * O N A N I (Practice Made Perfect) (2008)

O N A N IFirst released as a 12″, then as a picture 12″ and upcoming on cd and cd+dvd comes the new album of ORE. This album immediately sounds a bit different from earlier achievements. The sound is softer, more melancholic, the guitar loops are almost gone (or with effects). After a few listenings, the album still does not really work for me. It is a bit too soft and the crazy, bombastic, industrial, martial, etc. elements all seem to be lost and we are left with atmospheric music with male and female vocals. Perhaps musically “Onani” is a step forward. There are no longer the obvious looped samples and repetitions, but it seems that this had to give away to the atmosphere somewhat. Maybe I have to listen to this album some more before things start to fall in their place.
Links: Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio, Cold Meat Industry

Foundation Hope * Tunes For The Wounded (cd 2008)

Tunes For The WoundedI have neglected to properly follow this Dutch project. I do not have the previous album on CMI. Foundation Hope does not really sound like the average CMI act. There is dark ambient, but much more experiment, sometimes with slow orchestration like other CMI acts, but also with distorted/noisy sounds and strange soundscapes. I have heard this album a few times by now and I cannot say that I completely adore it, but it sounds interesting nonetheless. It is something different in the dark ambient and soundscapes field for sure.
Links: Foundation Hope, Cold Meat Industry

Vestigial * Translucent Communion (cd 2008 cmi)

Translucent CommunionAbout a year and a half ago I got the debut mcd of this Italian project. Impressive and very dark ambient. Later I got two compilations featuring this project (Incendium II and The Old Europa Café box) with also very interesting tracks. Apparently I missed a 12″ on Power and Steel. It is not surprising that CMI picked up this project, even though (like I wrote in my previous review), Vestigial is darker than most of the CMI dark ambient projects. Vestigial is heavier, more industrial and has a nice noisy touch here and there; heavier with many very low frequencies, the way I like it! The music is quite ‘soundscapish’, but nowhere too monotous. Actually, this is a dark ambient album the way dark ambient should sound. The package is also very well done. A highly recommended album!
Links: Vestigial, Cold Meat Industry

Golgatha / Dawn & Dusk Entwined * Sang Graal (cd 2008 cold meat industry)

Sang GraalTwo bands that I find allright, but not great. I do not think I would have bought this cd if it was just a split album, but because this is actually the result of a joint recording, I was interested enough to give this album a try. “Sang Graal” turned out to be a nice album, going from moody ambient soundscapes to more bombastic and martial pieces, folky and orchestral tones and of course ‘ritual’ sounds, because that is an element in both the projects’ sounds. The sounds of the bands go well together and they made a good balance resulting in an album sounding between both of them.
Links: :Golgatha:, Dawn & Dusk Entwined, Cold Meat Industry.